Thursday, September 10, 2009

Im feeling Bobs this month!

I decided to braid my hair up again after wearing some of my natural hair out. I had my hair long and wavy with a small portion of my hair out. It was loose wavy Indian Hair. I loved it for a while but I needed a change. Remember I texturized my hair last month because the nappy afro was out of control, so blending it with the Indian hair was easy with my Edges soft gel.

Here was my regimen:
Texturized hair: with Creme of Nature No Lye -just ran relaxer through for a few minutes

Whenever I shampoo I use: Marcella Ellis Soy Protein Shampoo
Conditioner: Organic Root Stimulator- Mayo makes the hair strong/ Marcella Ellis Soy Protein Conditioner adds protein and makes the hair soft with a shine

Sheen: I use Castor Oil with Mink Oil made by Hollywood Beauty. I use the pomade it does not weigh the hair down. I also use Elasta Qp and Mizani Shine

Edges: To lay down my edges I use Edges by Hicks Transformation for a soft hold or Marcella Ellis Brick for a week hold when my hair needs a touch up.

Now my hair is starting to draw up again I decided to braid it all up again and try another net weave for a month. I saw Rihannas new look in the video We gone run this town tonight and I was feeling the edgy look. My interpretation of raw and edgy for me, is a wild, spikey bob, with highlights and low lights. None of my hair is out its all braided up. Net weaves are versatile can be short or long..

Next month maybe something conservative but this month Wild and EDGY BOBS!

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