Friday, August 14, 2009

"Okay, so I broke down and texturized my hair!"

I was having another bad hair day this week. Only this time my daughter and my better half where ganging up on me. My hair has gotten so thick and nappy it was sticking out from the wig. I washed my hair with Marcella Ellis Soy Shampoo and conditioned it with my Soy Protein Conditioner as well as Organic Root Stimulator Mayo. Then I tried to pull it back in a scrungy, but because it is an Afro it did not stay put. I was too tired to try and cornrow it so I just pulled it back. Well after a few days of laziness of course the pony tail started to collapse and all you can see was a big Afro underneath my wig. I got tired of looking at it myself so I broke down and texurized my hair with Creme of Nature no lye relaxer. Now, I only use Design Essentials in the Salon, which, if ever I need a relaxer I would use this product. However, I knew that my hair was natural and I didn't want it to burn too fast before I loosened up the curl pattern. In cases like this I like Creme of Nature relaxer and Just for Me they give you the freedom of relaxing or texturizing very kinky hair without burning the client. So in goes the chemical and all I could think about is the fact that I had been growing out for a few months and I was so proud of myself. So I ran it through quickly only to texturize my hair and not relax it too straight. To my surprise my hair has grown a bit from the short Afro that I cut months ago to a nice length. The length is at the middle of my neck... not bad for only 6 or 7 months.

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