Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well I guess I will stop counting the days...

I have been so busy that my blogs are not daily. For all those reading I apologize. I was in Miami last week for my birthday which was on December 9th. I had a blast. The first time I ever celebrated my birthday on the beach in the sand. Of course it was a last minute trip and I didn't even have time to get my hair done. My boyfriend/ fiancee or whatever you want to call him said Saturday morning let's go, and off we went. We packed in 15 minutes and got on the plane at 2:45. So typical of me, just care free, not worried about the economy, business being abnormal with many slow days. I didn't care I just wanted a break from it all and I was glad I did. I got my hair done by a young lady in Miami because as you know from my last post I had on a half wig. Can't walk on the beach or go swimming with that, it could have easily blown off. LOL! I had to find someone quick to sew in a weave, thank God for the internet. I found a college student that gave me the BOMB weave! I couldn't have done it better myself. I didn't even have to change it or correct it, it was perfect. I wish she lived in MD I would give her a job at the salon.

She first braided my hair backwards and for all those reading, any one braiding your hair in a circular pattern, stop them right away.. and run for your dear life. Circular patterns are very primitive and only amateurs braid in weaves that way. Anyway, she then stitched in my tracks very flat and smooth. I added color #1B solid in the back and #1B and #30 in the front, with a part down the middle. I thought I was Beyonce! LOL! It just blew in the wind,... it was gorgeous. Now that I am back home I just shampooed my hair with my soy protein shampoo and conditioner and it sure needed it because it was dirty and the tracks were starting to clump together. I bought Sensational hair from the beauty supply store while I was in Miami and now I regret it. It is not Remy hair.. trust me I know better, but it was all they had in this particular store, so I got it. I am going to have to take it out soon because as you all know it only last a couple of weeks.
I am still in my treatment phase so whats more important to me is the condition of my hair. My boyfriend thinks I am bald headed because I always wear weaves, so I want to surprise him when I take it out and it is just as long and strong as the weave. I can't lie I am addicted to weaves because they always look good, they are easy to manage, and you can flat iron and curl as much as you like without worrying about destroying your own hair. To make it short they make my hectic life much easier. If you have never worn a weave you should try it, you will be addicted to them quickly because they require less maintenance.
I am still taking my vitamins and infusing my hair with the soy protein conditioner. I also used a cap full of olive oil to help with my dry scalp especially during the winter months. I have about 4 new leave in conditioners that I have been testing for about 6 months on myself, my daughter and a few of my clients. One of them is strictly a vitamin and protein conditioner but it does not detangle my daughters hair. Her hair is extremely dry and tangles a lot, so I am probably going to combine it with the one that seems to work well on her hair. I can not eliminate the vitamins and protein from the ingredient however, it is just as imperative that the leave in conditioner detangles as well as repairs..
I know I have been saying this for a week but I am going to post pictures soon. I broke my digital camera and when we went to Miami we bought CVS disposable cameras. Hmmmm....Don't worry pictures are coming........

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 2, After the long Holiday.......

Even though its not really day 2 I am just getting a chance to sit down and write. Too much turkey and dressing I guess. Thanksgiving just didn't seem like Thanksgiving this year. I didn't get to travel home to spend time with my family so that was a major disappointment for me. However, I did spend time with friends so I made the best of it. I am not a big vegetable eater not because I don't like them but just because I never seem to cook and incorporate them in my diet. So for the Holidays I try to eat plenty of vegetables because they are available. No matter what others may say diet effects the growth of your hair. My diet is high in fat and starches, because I am always on the go, so I eat out a lot. Usually with foods that are going to fill me up for a long time so that I don't have to keep stopping and eating. NOT GOOD.
My resolution is to start cooking at least twice a week, a big pot of fresh vegetables so that I can eat only vegetables, when I come home form work. As a matter of fact I am cooking as I am blogging right now.
Okay fast forward. Saturday at the salon I got a new shipment of Soy Protein Shampoo and Soy Protein Conditioner. I couldn't wait to get started with my healthy hair regimen. This is what I did step by step.

1. I texturized only the front hair line and parting area of my hair with Design Essential Product line. This product is a professional product line that I highly recommend. It leaves the hair soft and conditioned unlike any other relaxer on the market I know.
2. I then Neutralized only the part of my hair that I texturized, by shampooing it 3 times with Design Essential Neutralizing shampoo. (When using chemicals, shampoo the hair at least 3 times to ensure the chemical is completely removed from the hair)
3. I shampooed my entire head 2 more times with our signature line of Soy Protein shampoo.
4. Because I have a few grays I put a beautiful collection jet black rinse on my hair for about 15 Minutes.
5. Then I deep conditioned my hair with a protein pack . I use two products Organic Root Stimulator Mayo and Marcella Ellis Signature Soy Protein Conditioner. With this treatment I heavily infused my hair with protein and amino acids, to give my hair strength.

After my series of treatments. I decided to dry my hair and braid it up with big cornrows leaving only the small area that I texturized out to blend in with the wig. Yes, I bought a new wig and put it on because I am going to do this same protein treatment every week for the next couple of weeks before I put in a weave. My hair feels really good. I also took my first multi vitamin for women, one a day and horsetail by GNC to promote hair growth. Stay tuned........

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first day of Blogging

Day One>
Starting with myself let me first tell you a little about me so that you may then understand why my hair is at its worst. I am keeping it real so please don't use this against me. I am an entrepreneur that has dedicated my life to my business and my child. I am 36 years old and live a highly stressful life. I have no real time for myself due to all of my daily activities. I own a hair salon, I have launched another series of products, I am writing a book, I travel on tour every year to numerous cities and so much more. I am a single mother and to top it all off I am in a stressful relationship. I wear acrylic on my nails and I don't get them done until they are half way falling off. I wear wigs because it is the quickest solution for a style. I never let my boyfriend see me with out my wig so very seldom do I take them off. Due to the stress and lack of time I have had tremendous hair loss. Starting today I have decided for 2009 I am going to repair once again my damaged hair. I have grown my hair back numerous times only to go through stressful points in my life and damage it all over again. Through discipline, consistency, and routine it is so easy to get strong healthy hair. I am going to post my picture soon so we can watch together this amazing transformation.