Monday, July 20, 2009

I have so much to tell you since my last blog! This one will be long.

I have so much to tell you I don't know where to start. I'll start with the most important thing the progress of my hair. Since my last post I had my hair tree braided and that only last me two weeks. I really didn't like the look so much after all. The fact that my hair was all braided was great however the styling options were limited. I could not pull my hair up with out it looking like a hat and since I really needed to pull it up while working out that was not a good look. SO out they come and I move on to my next look. I made a hand made wig in a short bob out of a very comfortable stocking cap. I used #1B and #30 with a few subtle highlights of #27. I cut the bangs short above my eyebrows and cut high lift layers in the back. Soooo Cute! I wore that for about a month. Everyone loved it. Under neath I am still deep conditioning my hair and cornrowing it back. It is now all natural because I cut most of the relaxer off. I thought I was going to have to texturize it but it seems to be soft and manageable from all of the treatments. My hair is really in good shape. When it is wet it looks like an afro after we dry it and braid it, the braids actually have grown down to mid neck. Myboyfriend asked me "When are you going to wear your own hair?" As if it is not hard enough to stick to this challenge I have outside pressure to stop wearing weaves. I told him "look you met me with a weave and you loved it, don't look forward to me wearing my own hair anytime soon." I had to explain to him that I am growing my hair natural and that is going to take some time. When I finally wear my own hair again I want it to be long and strong with no extensions added.

Because so many of us have stressed our hair out with chemicals and curling and wrapping and so on....this challenge is for us to get our hair back to its natural state, healthy and strong and non dependant on so many chemicals.
Fast Forward.
I went to Miami to the Black Film Festival as a guest of the founder's wife, Nicole Friday. Hi Nicole. I did her hair for a few of the events and she looked fabulous. I was introduced to so many celebrities and influential people it was fascinating. Of course I was networking and passing out my cards. I had a ball.
I wore my hair in another handmade wig. It was #1b natural Wavy hair very soft looking wave. I had so many compliments. It was gorgeous. Now that I am back I am thinking what should I do next.. I am definitely going to take pictures of this next style. I haven't given you all much visual. Stay tuned I will write again next week. By the way my daughter started her first business and she is only eleven years old. Of course she is following in her mothers footsteps. It is a product and accessory line for girls. Yes the same protein and conditioners that I preach about to all of my clients we are developing these new combinations for girls as well.. Stay tuned.....