Thursday, January 25, 2018

I have not blogged since 2014!

Wow, looking back on these old post and pictures I feel like it is a flash back of the past. My it is funny how things change so quickly. I just want to update you all on a few things on this blog.
2018 is an exciting year for my company, we have launched a mobile service app in MD, DC, VA and Houston, TX and we are expanding more every month. Visit our site
We are also looking for more mobile professional stylists. Find out more at

Quick update on The Mane Vendor - We currently have hair extension vending machines in 10 different states. Find out more information here

Of course we keep a ton of things going on, but those two companies to me are the most exciting projects we are working on this year. Follow us on social media to keep up to date, and we hope to service you this year.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SO you want to try a new WEAVE technique but you don't know which one to try!

Hello ladies,
 I apologize I have been slacking on the post again my schedule is just too crazy. The good thing is I wrote all of the post and scheduled them to upload every month for the rest of the year. Hooray! SO glad to get caught up. I thought I would write about the many weaving and extension techniques on the market today to shed some light on the situation. I know so many of you are confused about the differences in the techniques, and which one is best for you, so I will try to break it down as simple as possible. The market is saturated with so many terms that even I get confused on what is what. The truth is Stylists make up these names as marketing tactics to entice the public to patronize their business. I have clients that come in to my salon all the time and ask have you heard of blah blah blah and I say to them what is that? After reading the description of the procedure it is simply the same old techniques, just renamed to sound fancy. Now don't get me wrong the procedure can be tweaked and improved to flow seamlessly, last longer or be safer for the hair, but the premise is still the same. With this in mind lets talk about the most commonly used techniques in the salon today, broken down into two categories.

Hair weaves vs extensions-
Hair weave and hair extensions are used interchangeably. However the difference is in the method of attachment. Hair extensions are typically the method of attaching strand to strand, meaning small clusters of hair are attached to the clients own natural hair. Most popular methods are Micro-linking and fusions. Hair extensions do not provide much coverage it only gives length and limited volume to the clients hair. Hair weaves are attached using weft hair, more commonly called tracking. Hair weaves are sewn or even bonded to the clients own natural hair using a weft of hair. Most popular weaves are the sewn in weave, Malaysian method, net weaving. Hair weaves usually give more volume, coverage as well as add length.

Extensions -Micro-linking, Fusions, Interlock, Shrinkies, microchet- All of these techniques are considered strand to strand procedures, adding small clusters of hair to the clients own hair. Typically  for African American women or those who have extra curly hair, these procedures work best with hair that has been relaxed, rather than hair that is all natural. The attachments are somewhat delicate and should not be pulled excessively trying to blow-dry or straighten.  These procedures are implemented by leaving all of the clients hair out, so if you are the type that does not want to bother with your hair, these procedures are not for you.The benefit is more flexibility, being able to pull your hair in a high ponytail, free flowing smooth and undetectable. Each one of these procedures use different methods to secure  the hair. (consult with your stylist)

Weaves-Sewn In weave, Net Weave, Vixen Weave, Braidless Weave, Bonded Weave, Quick Weave, Malaysian Weave-All of these techniques are created using weft hair. Weaves are used as a protective style and to add volume and length to the hair. All of these methods require sewing the weft to the hair most commonly done by using braids as the foundation. The Braidless Weave, Bonded Weave, Quick Weave and Malaysian Method are exceptions to the rule. These procedures require no braids and are sewn or bonded directly to the hair using alternate methods. When applying a weave application typically their is little versatility,  the weft is in a stationed position.

 Hope this will help you in  your quest for new techniques. Until next Month!
 xoxo-) M.E.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Exciting NEWS!

We are excited to announce something we have been working on for sometime. The World's first ever Hair Extension Vending Machine. As of August 2013 we have received tons of press regarding this new business opportunity. Please visit our site
 Read more about The Mane Vendor and listen to the radio interview. To become a licensee or receive additional information, email: or call

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Skin Care, Makeup and Hair!

As a stylist I am totally guilty of looking at women’s appearance no matter where I go. I really can't help but to notice women that really stand out in a crowd and those who don't. I can be a bit anal when it comes to finishing a look. What I mean is, I have seen many women and when I say women I mean 30 and over, out at different functions and affairs with a look that is just not quite finished. Don't get me wrong there are some fierce sisters out and about amongst the DMV area and especially when I go back home to Dallas, but there are some who just don't get it. When I say a finished look I mean having the hair, face, clothes and shoes tight. There can be no one without the other. Since the topic of this month is Makeup, Skin Care and Hair I will stick to that.

One night I went to a club and partied with my girlfriends, I would say the crowd was about late 20's and over. I noticed so many rough looking women that seemed aged and worn looking. My first comment to my girlfriend was these women have got to be washing their face with bath soap because they have so many bags, sags and dehydrated skin. I also noticed the abundance of cheap synthetic weave hair which also made me cringe. I wanted to run through the crowd and pass out my card for so many reasons it wasn't even funny. I hate to be judgmental because we are living in a rough economic time, so I will blame it on the economy. Nevertheless, some things you just can't let go because it will be hard to get it back, starting with SKINCARE. I am a big advocate of skincare especially because I grew up with problem skin. I have always had to invest in my skin due to acne, so I have tried almost everything. Realizing that good product is the fountain of youth, I teach my daughter now that she must keep up on her daily face regimen. When you look at celebrities like Halle Berry, Beyonce, Tina Turner, and so on, trust and believe they only use the best ingredients to keep their face smooth and glowing. That's not all just good genes. I have witnessed some amazing products on the market that are pricey but work miracles that you would never believe. Products that regenerate cells and make lines and wrinkles disappear.

As I look at my own personal growth in the Beauty Industry I have come to realize that good product is very important. Don't let your friends make you believe that cheap product works just as good, that's not true. Cheap product is cheap for a reason, it is lacking essential ingredients because essential ingredients cost more. I was once that way, especially when I could not afford anything else, but I had learn to spend less in other places and invest in good skin care, so I would not destroy my skin. This philosophy is in everything we do, if you eat cheap fast foods you will pay for it in the end. Your doctor bills will be higher. To eat right it is more costly up front but less costly in the end. If you buy cheap clothes you will have to buy them over and over because they won't last so you will really spend more replacing them. And so on and so on..

Proper skin care is the basis for looking young and keeping that look. As for Makeup, it is so controversial in this conservative town until it just annoys me. Some of the most beautiful women in the world wear makeup but women around here act as if saying "I don’t wear makeup" is some sort of badge of honor. Most women that say that, really should reconsider. Makeup is eye liner, lipstick and eye shadow, I say this because the women I know say they don't wear make-up, yet they have on eyes and lips, "duh, that's makeup."

When a woman has her hair done and outfit on, it only make sense to complete the finished look by putting on a little lipstick or gloss, mascara, eyeliner and a little powder. Not finishing a look is like seeing a woman with a beautiful dress on and house shoes, just completely destroying the overall appearance. I say this with all due respect, as I tell my daughter, “take a little extra time to put yourself together” it makes all the difference. Proper skin care, a little make-up and hair, like Mamma Dee said, “in that order!”
We are now offering free skin care  analysis and training. We have amazing products that are good for your skin. Call us to schedule 703.869.2935
And by the way I am a New MK consultant

Until next time..
Much love,
xoxo:) M.E.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keratin Straightening Process is it all HYPE!

The Keratin Straightening Process has taken to the public by storm. Everyone’s talking about this supposedly all natural hair straightener that removes the frizz from the hair and leaves a silky shine. Some Keratin treatments claim to be all natural and some do not. The Straighteners that use chemicals are known to carry a medium to high level of formaldehyde. Honestly, I believe that they all have a certain degree of formaldehyde even if they claim to be all natural.

In order for the straightening process to work, an active keratin solution must be applied to the hair and fused into the hair with a flat iron. The flat iron is typically heated to temperature of over 400 degrees Fahrenheit to lock in and seal the keratin solution into the hair follicle. The keratin solution seals in moisture and leaves the hair looking smooth, silky and shiny.

Keratin hair straightening treatments last about two to five months depending on the health and state of the hair, and the brand of the treatment.

There is still a lot of controversy over whether chemical hair straightening methods are safe for your hair, scalp and overall health. All types of chemical processing treatments leave your hair dry, brittle and coarse, so it's important to use moisture-infusing products between treatments, avoid too much swimming and refrain from using hair products that contain sodium chloride as these can further damage the hair.

Overall, keratin hair straightening treatments are relatively safe, and the only real health hazard is associated with the inhalation of the fumes when the keratin solution is being applied. Still, if you want to maintain the integrity of your hair for the long-term, it's important to protect the hair from damage between treatments and avoid more than two or three straightening treatments per year.

I personally tried this process on myself as well as my daughter before applying it to any of my clients. I really like the results on myself because it did not straighten my hair like a typical relaxer. I still have wavy, bushy hair, but it is much easier to comb without tangling, and it flat irons easily. My daughter on the other hand did not like the fact that her edges did not relax. She is an athlete and she does not like her edges to ball up. The Keratin Process does not actually relax your hair, but what it does is loosen up the S pattern so that it is a little softer and more manageable.

Before you visit a salon and have the procedure done, do your research. It is best to know as much as you can before having any procedure done..

Until next month.. be blessed!

xoxo...:) M.E.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The EVILS of using GLUE for Quick Weaves, Lace Front Wigs and Closures!

Hello ALL,
Its a New Year and I am excited about what 2013 has to offer!
I want to start this year by blogging on the ever so controversial topic of using glue with weaves, wigs and closures. I had a call just yesterday with a woman calling asking about using the taped weft procedure. I was puzzled by the name she called the procedure, here's why. So many Stylist have learned the art of Marketing and branding a particular procedure to separate themselves from their competitors, as a result most procedures have numerous names. The taped weft  technique is just a simple phrase I am using to describe the procedure, but you may know it as  InvisiTrack taped extensions, Skin wefts, Pretaped wefts, Invisible Seamless Weft, and who knows what else. I have used this method in the past, probably about 7 years ago when it first hit the scene, and I must say it really lays flat. If you are looking for  flat tracks that lay flush to the scalp then maybe this is for you. BEWARE this method is also another glue technique. The tape that is attached to the weft is actually glue. Glue and Hair just don't mix. Yes you may get away with it once, maybe twice but rest assured every time you lay on the hair, maneuver the hair and remove the wefts you are loosing  and breaking strands of your own hair. There is an alternate way of sewing the tracks to give you the same flat and smooth look without using glue. Ask you stylist about the Malaysian Method or what we call the Flat Method. Same flat smooth weave that is versatile and you don't have to destroy our hair using glue.

The big NO, NO.... Taped wefts

Lace wigs and closures can also give you a flawless look however using glue to attach is always a deadly ordeal for the safety of your own hair. Yes, celebrities wear lace wigs, but most of them wear them in a manner that protects their hair and edges and only wear them for stage performances. They also have round the clock stylists who ensure that they temporarily place them and remove them the same day, thus preventing major damage. Now, it is possible to wear  lace wigs and closures with out glue. If you have a skilled stylist she can give you the same flawless look with out using glue and harming your hair. Ask her about glue less lace wigs and using the elastic band to attach the  lace closure.

Hmmm... She obviously didn't get the
memo, classic case of wearing too many lace wigs with glue. I see this pattern all the time in the salon from those who choose to wear glued lace wigs.

Last but not least the QUICK WEAVE wearers. I know you! Need I elaborate. You do not have to glue your tracks to your head and pull your hair out anymore. Try Morning Glory Protect Solution to protect your hair from the glue when doing your quick weaves or try putting a plastic cap underneath the stocking cap. If you put a plastic cap underneath the stocking cap before gluing, it becomes a wig that you can take on and off. May not be what you want but it is much safer! I just want you to have some hair at the end of the day. Healthy hair is a choice!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more post...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's New for 2013!

Greetings ALL, I am excited about 2013. It is already looking promising this year, with our President back in office for a second term, I am hopeful our economy will take a turn for the better.
I am overjoyed with the current state of our business, our school is operating daily and will be celebrating our one (1) year anniversary. We are looking to expand to a larger location and merge our two salons and school into one very large facility.  We now offer our all Natural Hair Program, with specialty in hair weaving, extensions, braids  and natural hair techniques. In the Spring of 2013 we will be offering our all new  Make-Up and Waxing Course. In the midst of this growth we are also hiring. We are in need of licensed Stylists, Natural Hair Teachers, Make- up and Waxing teachers, and an Administrative Assistant.
This year is going to be filled with blessings, I can feel it in my soul. I wish you all growth, prosperity and success. Thank you for reading my blog and I will try to stay current this year! lol

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