Monday, October 26, 2009

Who says that short hair is low maintenance is a lie!

So many of you have come into the salon especially new clients looking for my last hairstyle that I post on my blog. Yes it is gone! Cute for a while but high maintenance. I had to curl and flip practically everyday. WHO says that short hair is low maintenance is a lie. I tell my clients all the time that say "Im just going to cut it short so I wont have to deal with it" ... don't do it. I try to explain just how difficult it is too keep it looking good. Many women that patronize our business wear weaves for many different reasons. The majority of them wear weaves because it is low maintenance. I love weaves for so many reasons mainly because I can protect my hair while I try all of these crazy hairstyles. However some cuts require more effort too look good in the morning or during the day. This particular cut that I wore I wanted to keep it flipped and edgy so I had to keep curling it when the curls fell. The style that I love the most which is completely effortless is the long wavy look. I never curl just lay my edges down and go. I like to change my look regularly like I change my clothes.. as you all can see.

Fast forward..

I noticed when I took my hair out last week I had a lot of shedding. Now, I know I have been under quit a bit of stress lately and remember I texturized my hair a few months ago. I asked my assistant if it looked shorter as she was shampooing it and she said no. shhhhew!?%#.... I have to relax.. I can't afford to regress. I have slacked a little on my vitamins but I am constant on my protein pack from Starbucks every morning. Well at least 5 days a week. I am making Starbucks rich...

As for the texturizer it can be a double whamy, stress along with making the hair weaker from chemical relaxing. As many of you know even when we texturize it is the same chemical as relaxing your hair straight. The difference is we only slide it through quickly to loosen up the kinks when we texturize, instead of leaving it in and manipulating it until it becomes completely straight. Just a little FYI

If you don't know I will tell you again once you have relaxed your hair you must take extra steps regularly to maintain your hair. Regular protein deep conditioners is a must, as well as cholesterol and amino acids that help rebuild and restore what you have robbed from the hair. Take it from me, the older you get you must take extra steps to keep your hair and body healthy and strong. I know I am preaching again! I just want the best for us all.
Peace and love...
Until next time