Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow, My Client told me to blog again, I didn't know anyone was actually reading. THANKS!!

Hello Ladies,

Now I know that people are actually reading my blog. I feel so special! Thanks a million....
Let me up date you ladies on current events.
I have decided to keep this blog about me I just can't bring myself to tell any of my clients business... I don't want to loose any clients you know. Any way my life is so full of hair mysteries, disasters, experiments and so on. I'm sure I can keep you entertained. I try every procedure on my hair first before I test it on any of my clients. I figure I should have my own testimony of success or even failure. So since I have last posted I got tired of wearing the wig and I decided to start working out again with my personal trainer. This time I said let me get my hair braided into micros so I can pull it up into a ponytail. I'm thinking even if I sweat I can still maintain this carefree style. So I call my girlfriend which is the salon's braider, over to my house and we get started.
Here is my first mistake. I went to the beauty supply store that I frequent, they know me very well there. I'm looking for a deep wave 22" pack of braiding hair. The sales person, a young girl, is so eager to help me she pulls out all that they have in deep waves. I settle for Milky Way deep wave knowing in the back of my mind this hair is going to tangle. It looked better than all of the selections but me knowing Milky Way I know that it is a low grade. I buy the hair which is #1B and #30 and I leave the store. Had I really planned this out, a better choice would have been to order from California, Perfect Locks and get the Indian Virgin Hair. I have used their hair on some of my clients and it is absolutely beautiful. But me being who I am (sporadic) I know I don't keep a style for more than 2 weeks anyway. Hhhmm... could this be a sign of not being happy with myself. At least my girlfriends think so. They say I need to get therapy.. LOL! NO I just like to change my HAIR!! It ain't that serious....
Anyway back to the story.
We sit for about 7 hours and Voila!! I hate it. The hair is too curly. I look like Curly Sue! All I could do was pull it in a tight curly, bushy, ponytail. My boyfriend/ fiancee/ husband, or whatever we call ourselves for the week, comes in the house and gives me a high five. He says I like it baby. A high five... not a kiss.. or romantic words, a high five! Now I'm thinking am I looking home girlish because I wasn't trying to achieve that look at all. LOL!
I took that mess out in one week. Sorry but I didn't even take a picture. My girlfriend was livid. Oh well, she still loves me! I just couldn't take it another day, plus the hair was tangling. So I have been thinking about tree braids as a matter of fact I have been dreaming about tree braids. I really want them in my hair badly. I tried to convince my girlfriend to do them for me but she is still in a state of shock! She can't believe she spent 7 hours braiding my hair and I took them out so fast. So I have to give her sometime to heal. I know how to tree braid I just can't do it on myself so I have to settle for the wig again. At least for now.
About the health of my hair. I have been on a high protein diet trying to slim down for the summer. I noticed that my hair is getting a lot thicker. I have opted not to relax my hair for a while just texturize whenever it gets to nappy to comb. The organic root stimulator is really making my hair thicker as well.
I'll tell you a quick story about one of my clients, we'll call her X. This is the only story I will tell. It supports my theory of protein intake. When X started coming to me her hair was very weak and damaged. We first started doing the Malaysian Method where we sew in the tracks without braiding up the hair. The end result was beautiful however her hair was not in the best shape. We eventually braided up all of her hair and gave her a sewn in weave. She wanted to loose weight so she starts this high protein diet. She lost a few pounds and was looking great so she decided to body build and compete. Her intake of protein increased, she was eating boiled eggs, raw eggs, taking protein vitamins and shakes... By the time we took her weave out, her hair was at least 2 inches longer and her hair broke my comb. Now normally when a client's hair breaks your comb we are thinking "OH MY GOD" this is going to be a long day and a lot of work. But in this case we were both ecstatic. It was so strong neither one of us could believe it.
So I am following in her footsteps. I'll let you know my progress... Stay tuned!