Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is anyone READING this????

I was reading a few blogs today and realized I need to update my own. Today I am asking if anyone is reading please join my blog. I am sitting here at the kitchen table and I realized I need to upload pictures to make my story a little more interesting. So I am uploading my current weave and explaining how I got here since my last post.

Holidays are long gone Christmas, New Years EVE , and now the Election. President OBAMA is safely in office and everything is back to normal. Back to business.

Here is the weave I wore in Miami last month. I was there for my birthday Dec6- Dec 10. I had #1B in the back 12" tracks and #1B and #30 in the front with a part down the middle. The hair was by SEnsationnel. Sorry but the hair didn't last. I purchased the hair while in Miami. I just ran in the beauty supply store and bought something affordable. Remember I told you in my last post the Miami trip was short notice we just up and went. So I had to find a college student to sew tracks in my hair when I got there. The hair was not Remy and boy did I regret it. It was beautiful for a few weeks then uggh!
Fast Forward! I kept the weave in until just after New Years. While wearing the weave I shampooed my hair with our own Soy Protein Shampoo and Conditioner. Had it not been for the conditioner keeping the hair soft I would have taken that hair out sooner. The hair only last for about 2 weeks and then it tangles so bad it makes you want to cry. Our soy protein conditioner is amazing. It really softens and hydrates dry hair, your hair and the weave.

After taking the weave out I figured let me give my hair a break for a month. I deep conditioned my hair using Organic Root Stimulator Mayonnaise. People I live and die by this Product. It is enriched with amino acids and proteins necessary for the hair. If you don't believe me try it at least 3 times. Every time you shampoo your hair deep condition your hair with this product. If you have weak or damaged hair you will see a major difference. This product will add an extra layer to the cuticle shaft of your hair. You must sit under the dryer with a plastic cap 20 mins for best result. If you do not have a dryer then wrap you hair really tight with saran wrap and let it stay on your hair about an hour so that your body produces heat.

Now I am wearing a partial wig. 14" synthetic wavy #1. I have deep conditioned my hair and braided it only leaving a small patch out in the front to cover the wig. I am also still taking my hair vitamins and I have increased my vegetable intake. I am trying to speed up this hair growth challenge. I can't remember when I last texturized my edges. I know it wasn't in Dec or January, I have to refer back to my notes to see when. Stay tuned..