Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 2, After the long Holiday.......

Even though its not really day 2 I am just getting a chance to sit down and write. Too much turkey and dressing I guess. Thanksgiving just didn't seem like Thanksgiving this year. I didn't get to travel home to spend time with my family so that was a major disappointment for me. However, I did spend time with friends so I made the best of it. I am not a big vegetable eater not because I don't like them but just because I never seem to cook and incorporate them in my diet. So for the Holidays I try to eat plenty of vegetables because they are available. No matter what others may say diet effects the growth of your hair. My diet is high in fat and starches, because I am always on the go, so I eat out a lot. Usually with foods that are going to fill me up for a long time so that I don't have to keep stopping and eating. NOT GOOD.
My resolution is to start cooking at least twice a week, a big pot of fresh vegetables so that I can eat only vegetables, when I come home form work. As a matter of fact I am cooking as I am blogging right now.
Okay fast forward. Saturday at the salon I got a new shipment of Soy Protein Shampoo and Soy Protein Conditioner. I couldn't wait to get started with my healthy hair regimen. This is what I did step by step.

1. I texturized only the front hair line and parting area of my hair with Design Essential Product line. This product is a professional product line that I highly recommend. It leaves the hair soft and conditioned unlike any other relaxer on the market I know.
2. I then Neutralized only the part of my hair that I texturized, by shampooing it 3 times with Design Essential Neutralizing shampoo. (When using chemicals, shampoo the hair at least 3 times to ensure the chemical is completely removed from the hair)
3. I shampooed my entire head 2 more times with our signature line of Soy Protein shampoo.
4. Because I have a few grays I put a beautiful collection jet black rinse on my hair for about 15 Minutes.
5. Then I deep conditioned my hair with a protein pack . I use two products Organic Root Stimulator Mayo and Marcella Ellis Signature Soy Protein Conditioner. With this treatment I heavily infused my hair with protein and amino acids, to give my hair strength.

After my series of treatments. I decided to dry my hair and braid it up with big cornrows leaving only the small area that I texturized out to blend in with the wig. Yes, I bought a new wig and put it on because I am going to do this same protein treatment every week for the next couple of weeks before I put in a weave. My hair feels really good. I also took my first multi vitamin for women, one a day and horsetail by GNC to promote hair growth. Stay tuned........

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