Sunday, February 5, 2012

Healthy LIFE, Healthy HAIR!!

Hello all! I have been quite lazy over the last month or so but I am back to writing. I have been exercising now that I have turned 40; I have a new look on life. I am focusing more on my health and being a little more natural in my approach. Not only am I exercising, but I am starting to research more natural foods and products. I have noticed so many changes in my body it is unreal, from quirky little noises my knees make when climbing the stairs, to sharp sudden pains at any given time in random places on my body. It is inevitable, we will all get old one day or another; however aging gracefully is an art. The ART of Preservation! So in this blog I have
decided to add a few natural food finds to help us in our quest for preserving our
beauty with special emphasis on hair.

According to nutritionist and author Cherie Calbom, the common American diet actually
consists of everything that starves hair follicles of what they need to grow. “When your body has to go into overdrive to supply body systems with necessary nutrients, the first areas to suffer are hair, skin and nails,” says Calbom, author of the classic Juicing for Life (1992). “Those are the least of your body’s worries when it is trying to feed bones, muscles, blood and organs that you need just to survive. But on a typical American diet high in fat,salt, sugar, meat and processed foods, hair doesn't have a fighting chance!”

Here are a few of my natural finds:
Almonds: When eaten regularly, almonds protect the
body against heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. Interestingly, they also
pack a powerful punch in promoting healthy hair growth. A 1/4-cup serving of
dry roasted almonds provides approximately 45 percent of your daily recommended
allowance of manganese and vitamin E. Magnesium is "an essential mineral
for growing healthy strands." In fact, a deficiency of magnesium within
the body has been linked to hair loss. When consumed properly, magnesium and
other nutrients help the body to not only maintain proper functioning, but also
encourage the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails.
Cabbage- is one of many greens that provide vitamin A, an antioxidant that stimulates
hair growth. Vitamin A can also be found in pumpkin, broccoli, spinach and
Tomatoes -are high in vitamin C, an essential vitamin that maintains your hair's health
and helps prevent hair thinning and loss. Vitamin C can also be obtained from
turnips, broccoli, green peppers and most types of fruit.
Spinach -is packed with vitamins E, K, C, B2, B6 and A, which all contribute to hair
growth and strength.
Mushrooms- provide zinc, a nutrient that maintains your hair's moisture, which is
essential for hair growth in order to prevent breakage. Zinc can also be found
in dairy products, peanuts, beans, potatoes, yogurt, brown rice and meat.
Asparagus- contains hair-healthy minerals such as calcium, as well as fol ate and vitamins
A and C. High amounts of calcium can also be found in chard, beet greens and
I realize one thing as I take steps to maintain my health and prolong my life, that eating raw vegetables daily is the best solution to most ailments and disorders. If you cannot intake raw vegetables then I highly recommend juicing.

Here are a few quick pics I did last week. I am loving bangs just blow dried straight not a lot of heat, bouncy free flowing look, No chemicals of course. My 13 year old messy natural look. Her hair in the front cut with bangs no chemicals and 14 inch Marcella Ellis Signature Yaki hair in the back..
It 's me below with a handmade wig I made 30 mins b4 going to work... See YouTube video..
My daughter and her friend.. Natural looking blow dried partial weaves...