Sunday, December 23, 2012

Looking back on the many weaves of 2012!

Looking back on 2012 I went through my phone and found all of the many hair weaves that my daughter and I wore this year.  
 Taris wearing Brazilian Hair custom colored in a beautiful Cinnamon Brown.

Taris wearing Brazilian Hair custom colored Ombre!

Marcella wearing a full weave with part down the middle and big loose curls, Brazilian Hair.

Marcella wearing a quick weave that was custom cut, debulked and blend with my own hair.

Marcella Wearing a full weave with Inviisble Part on the side.. #1B and #30  Sensationnel Goddess

Marcella wearing a quick weave made in 30 mins with Milky Way hair. (see youtube for tutorial)

Marcella wearing a full weave with big curls 22" Body Wave Indian Hair

Taris wearing a full weave 18" Indian Hair

Marcella wearing a custom blended weave with majority of my own hair left out.. Outre Natural Remy Yaki.. blends perfect

Marcella wearing a full sewn in Bob

Marcella wearing Big Bun and Big Bangs!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Best and Worse Hair to Buy?? Curly Hair Review

Hello again, I am writing this blog tonight as I lay here in my bed with my side eye watching HGTV. I think it is important that I remain on this never ending topic of the best and worse hair on the market. Most consumers are desperately seeking information on what hair to purchase to give them the best results and the most natural seem less look. So tonight I must tackle this topic again to shed some light on the best and worse CURLY hair on the market today. The hair game right now as of today August 21, 2012 is super tricky. I thought I would add the date because every day the market is changing, and mostly for the bad. As I blog on good hair even my good hair recommendations will could change within the next month or so do to customers receiving bad batches. I choose these good hair companies because of not only the hair but customer service as well. If the customer receives a bad batch they will replace it for a good pack of hair, immediately even if the hair was used. When purchasing hair, Customer service is just as important as the quality of hair. After all who really wants to pay high dollar for garbage and then be stuck with it for 3 months. So here are my good hair recommendations for curly hair based on my experience using these products only. Curly hair is identified by a tight spiral curl like the picture below.

                                                                                                     Stylist- Tomela Wright
1."PRODUCTS"- Yes we have hair --- I have been testing hair for the last several months trying to supply only the very best Brazilian hair on the planet. I have found just that. We will have our new site up and running Sept 10, 2012 where you can purchase Raw Virgin Brazilian hair in Straight, Wavy and Curly... This hair will not tangle, shed and it is reasonably priced. This hair will last up to 1 year. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE IT!

2. The Indian Hair Curly--- if you are looking for hair that will last, that will not shed and have a tight coil effect try this companies Indian Hair Curly. I simply love it.

3. Zig Natural Curly hair has received rave reviews. I have used extensions plus for quite awhile and they seem to always remain pretty consistent.

Store Bought Hair

If you seeking a more affordable option here are a few I recommend. Although beauty supply store will never last a year, like the companies above there are still a few decent finds for temporary styles.

Sensationnel Goddess Remi Loose Deep
Indi Remi Soul Wave

Stay away form Milky Way, Outre, First Remi, Bohyme..
To me these are not good choices for curly hair. They are over processed, they shed, they are hard, and they tangle uncontrollably.

You must remember store bought hair is manufactured the curls are manufactured and they sometimes look to uniform and fake. I recommend combing them out or running you fingers through the hair to break up the monotony.  Never let the curl settle in a uniform position it will make the overall look appear fake and cheap. Real human hair is imperfect.

That's all folks stay tuned for my next blog on The best and Worse hair to buy, Straight Review!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CLOSURES/ Lace vs Silk Closures

I received an email last week in regards to lace and silk closures. This is just a quick post that could possibly help others in their search for the right procedure. What is a closure? A closure is the top piece use to close the top of a full weave. This top piece sold at Beauty Supply Stores, is most commonly made of mesh with wefts of tracks sewn round and round in a circular pattern to create a seamless effect. A skilled stylists can also create this same effect using weft hair, however the most professional look is to simply purchase this top piece. There is also an invisible part closure sold in most Beauty Supply Stores that is new on the market. This closure is simply a closure made of wefts and mesh with a part that allows the hair to show the scalp parting. Closures can come in many forms, lace and silk closures seem to be gaining popularity on the market right now.

Lace vs silk is all about personal preference. Some people don't like lace because the material is to thin some people don't like silk because it is too thick. This will definitely have to be a decision your stylists or whomever is installing your weave will make. No matter which one you choose the most important factor is that it is put in to look natural. So she (your stylist) must tell you which one she is capable of working with so that she can put it in to look as realistic as possible.

Silk Closures are made of a thicker fabric than lace. Some people prefer silk because the fabric will look as if the hair is growing from your scalp and the base is thick enough to hide the braids underneath. Silk Closures normally run light in color so you may have to tint the fabric to match your skin color or use foundation that is the color of your skin in the parting area. Some silk closures give a thicker appearance than lace around the hair line leaving a line of demarcation.

Lace Closures are thinner and give a more flatter and seamless attachment especially when glued around the perimeter of the hair line to blend in with your skin. It can also be sewn down without glue by a skilled professional. Some people believe that you can see the braids underneath the lace when looking directly at the unit so wearing a flesh colored stocking cap is sometimes recommended.
Another concern when purchasing a lace closure is the knots being too dark. If the knots are too dark at the root of the base then the unit will not look as realistic. Bleaching the knots is recommended to give a more realistic look, the objective is for the hair to appear as if it is growing from your scalp.

 Lace Closure

Silk Closure

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best and Worse Hair to buy??

I thought I would dedicate the next few posts on different hair textures and  hair types that are on the market today. I know that buying hair is an investment so I want to shed some light on the good , the bad and the ugly. LOL! I will list my favorite human hair, by brand, textures and types.
Just so that we are on the same page, the brand is the company that produce or sells the product. The texture is the ethnicity (based on origin of the hair). The type will be the pattern or formation of the hair. (example: wavy, curly, straight)

This post I will only talk about the best and worse Types of hair that have a WAVY pattern. Wavy hair is identified by the S pattern. If the human hair has an S pattern it is considered wavy if it has a spiral pattern then it is considered curly, which I will talk about next month. Wavy hair is an excellent choice if you choose to wear your hair in curls because it will hold curls longer than buying straight hair. Wavy hair can also be flat Iron straight if you choose to switch it up. Wavy hair will give you more body and bounce when wearing your hair in curls. If you are having a sewn in weave it is best to purchase 2 packs of hair for a normal looking weave. If you love your weave thick and extremely full purchase 3 or more. Machine wefts are the most commonly used wefts. This simply means that the hair is sewn together using a sewing machine the weft is slightly thicker and sturdier than a handmade weft. Choosing a weft is all about personal preference but the mostly commonly used weft is made by machine.

So here is the list for best Wavy Hair..
1. Brazilian Wavy Hair- I love this hair because it is soft, it does not tangle, and it is not processed. This hair is best for women that want a long flowy celebrity look. If you are leaving some of your own natural hair out you must choose this hair wisely. This hair has a soft, silky feel, but it has a dry matt finish so it will blend somewhat with those who have  relaxer in their hair. I suggest leaving a very small portion of your hair out if possible. If your hair is completely natural, I suggest doing a full sewn in  weave and leave none of your hair exposed. Brazilian hair is from the country Brazil. This hair has a heavier density than Indian Hair and has a somewhat thicker texture that resembles relaxed African American hair.

2. Gentle Wave Relaxed- I love this texture because it has a little texture to it. The wave pattern is soft and it forms a big S pattern. The Origin of the hair is Malaysian which gives a bit of a shine. Nevertheless, Halleys Curls have managed to create a perfect blend of natural looking hair from their Salon Relaxed collection and blended a soft wave to produce this Gentle Wave relaxed. According to their website this hair has been somewhat processed, but since I am not an employee of theirs I don't know just how much they have processed the hair. However, I have used this hair on many of my clients, myself and my daughter and have had excellent results. I even colored the ends of my daughters hair and the color took well.

3. Extensions Plus- ZigZag Natural Wavy- is also on my list of Must Haves. This natural Indian Remy is of superior quality. I have many clients that rave about Extensions Plus, their hair will last at least a year and sometimes longer just as the other hair companies mentioned on this list. Indian Hair has a dull matt finish that will blend in with African American hair. The weight of the hair is very light in density. If you are accustomed to having thick hair with heavy density you should purchase 3 packs of hair instead of 2 to complete a full weave.

4. Perfect Wavy Virgin Indian Hair- I love Perfect Locks and not just because they sell my Soy Shampoo and Conditioner, but because they have absolutely good hair. I am so pleased to send my clients to them because their hair is Grade A, their customer service is superb and the hair last for more than a year if properly taken care of. This hair is just what it says Virgin Indian Hair, you can color it if you choose but the hair comes in darker tones as all of the hair listed above.

 On the Worse List
Most mass distributed hair found in your local Beauty supply store, is not of good quality. The hair has been processed to give you a consistent wave pattern that is so perfect that it looks fake. If you are purchasing BSS hair understand that it will not last you as long as Virgin hair that is not processed. Don't get me wrong I buy all types of hair because I change my look quite frequently, so there is nothing wrong with buying BSS hair. You should just remove it when it starts to look raggedy, tangle and mat. Here are some of the worse wavy hair that I have ever tried that gave me the blues while wearing it as well as some of my clients.

1. Bohyme -Everything!! I know I am going to get some hate mail about this, nevertheless I do not like Boyme Body Wave, or any of it for that matter. It is too stiff, like horse hair or hair that has been totally over processed. It is not versatile at all, meaning you can not wear it flat ironed. Even if you wear it wavy it is just still plain old garbage hair. In my opinion!
2. Lugos- Wet and wavy, Soft wavy and all of the above. I do not like Lugos hair either, it is over processed and does not imitate human hair. Sheds alot as well.
3. Adorable- I do not like Adorable hair either just like the 2 above.. Hard Horse hair that is completely over processed.
4. If you are purchasing over the counter wavy hair like
Bobbi Boss Indie Remi
Sensational Goddess
Outre Velvet
make sure you purchase the top of the line Remy hair. This hair is okay, but not as good as the list above and expect it to only last for about 1 month, if it last more than a month then you are doing good. Most of this hair will shed, tangle and matt after 1 or 2 shampoos.

These are just my thoughts and stay tuned for my next review of Best and Worse Hair to BUY!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Salon Shop Talk/ Celebrity Hair Haul!!! REVIEW

Hello all! I know I have been incognito for the last 2 months, please forgive me, I have been under a lot of pressure with the new hair school, the salon move, being a mommy, being in a relationship and so on and so on... Anyhoo, I don't want to drain you, so I'll get right to the blog..
We constantly talk in the salon about what's hot and what's not in the media, so I thought I would share the most recent conversations from this month. In the salon most of us are are all some house wive, basketball wive, facebook, twitter filled junkies, but above all it's just good shop talk..
What I would like to share is some of the beautiful and not so beautiful weaves we all seem to agree with in the salon this month... So here is a hair haul of some of our favorite weaves and some that are just plain old busted..
We are gonna talk about the weave no-no's, what not to do with your hair. At the top of this post I thought  I would share with you all what makes a bad weave. Starting from the top left Kendra from Basketball Wives, Serena and Venus' weave all give an appearance of too much hair around the face. Natural hair grows thinner around the face and hairline and heavier towards the middle and back of the head. The way that their weave is sewn-in, it is too heavy around the face, giving it a more manly, hard appearance. If your stylist is not skilled, and she does not understand weight distribution, it will make your weave appear fake and heavy.
The top left of this post is Tiny from TI & TINY and Jackie from the Basketball Wives LA. Their weaves are not blended properly. This is also a common mistake putting in too little hair. Most clients come in the salon and suggest to the stylist they want a lot of their hair left out to hide the tracks. It is a common mistake to do just as the client request, but as a result you have improper blending. As you can see with Tiny and Jackie's hair they have very short thin bangs and the rest of the hair is at least 14 inches long. When done correctly, the two lengths should be graduated to blend in, the weight must be evenly distributed. So if the bangs are short and thin, you will need to add more hair to the bang so that the weight is a little thicker to blend in with the rest of the hair, then blend with layers until the natural hair flows with the weave.
 I am also disturbed by the choices of colors Tiny seems to wear. All one light color weaves are played out and extremely country. It also gives the appearance of a cheap weave. When choosing colors, I beg you to consider natural hair colors and never choose a light color, all one color. It should definitely have highlights or low lights. Bleach blonde one color is ugly, looks cheap, and unrealistic. I suggest this only if you are wearing a costume like Nikki Minaj.
At the bottom are my favorites, Krissy, Olivia, Sheree and Marlo all wear the best weaves that I have seen on TV. I love the way their weaves blend in with their own natural hair. The weight distribution is perfect, the styles and colors are classy and beautiful. These observations are common discussions in the shop, nevertheless they are good for learning what to do and what not to do.
Stay tuned for more good topics, I'm back to blogging.~***twirlsoutoftheroom***);ME

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Healthy LIFE, Healthy HAIR!!

Hello all! I have been quite lazy over the last month or so but I am back to writing. I have been exercising now that I have turned 40; I have a new look on life. I am focusing more on my health and being a little more natural in my approach. Not only am I exercising, but I am starting to research more natural foods and products. I have noticed so many changes in my body it is unreal, from quirky little noises my knees make when climbing the stairs, to sharp sudden pains at any given time in random places on my body. It is inevitable, we will all get old one day or another; however aging gracefully is an art. The ART of Preservation! So in this blog I have
decided to add a few natural food finds to help us in our quest for preserving our
beauty with special emphasis on hair.

According to nutritionist and author Cherie Calbom, the common American diet actually
consists of everything that starves hair follicles of what they need to grow. “When your body has to go into overdrive to supply body systems with necessary nutrients, the first areas to suffer are hair, skin and nails,” says Calbom, author of the classic Juicing for Life (1992). “Those are the least of your body’s worries when it is trying to feed bones, muscles, blood and organs that you need just to survive. But on a typical American diet high in fat,salt, sugar, meat and processed foods, hair doesn't have a fighting chance!”

Here are a few of my natural finds:
Almonds: When eaten regularly, almonds protect the
body against heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. Interestingly, they also
pack a powerful punch in promoting healthy hair growth. A 1/4-cup serving of
dry roasted almonds provides approximately 45 percent of your daily recommended
allowance of manganese and vitamin E. Magnesium is "an essential mineral
for growing healthy strands." In fact, a deficiency of magnesium within
the body has been linked to hair loss. When consumed properly, magnesium and
other nutrients help the body to not only maintain proper functioning, but also
encourage the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails.
Cabbage- is one of many greens that provide vitamin A, an antioxidant that stimulates
hair growth. Vitamin A can also be found in pumpkin, broccoli, spinach and
Tomatoes -are high in vitamin C, an essential vitamin that maintains your hair's health
and helps prevent hair thinning and loss. Vitamin C can also be obtained from
turnips, broccoli, green peppers and most types of fruit.
Spinach -is packed with vitamins E, K, C, B2, B6 and A, which all contribute to hair
growth and strength.
Mushrooms- provide zinc, a nutrient that maintains your hair's moisture, which is
essential for hair growth in order to prevent breakage. Zinc can also be found
in dairy products, peanuts, beans, potatoes, yogurt, brown rice and meat.
Asparagus- contains hair-healthy minerals such as calcium, as well as fol ate and vitamins
A and C. High amounts of calcium can also be found in chard, beet greens and
I realize one thing as I take steps to maintain my health and prolong my life, that eating raw vegetables daily is the best solution to most ailments and disorders. If you cannot intake raw vegetables then I highly recommend juicing.

Here are a few quick pics I did last week. I am loving bangs just blow dried straight not a lot of heat, bouncy free flowing look, No chemicals of course. My 13 year old messy natural look. Her hair in the front cut with bangs no chemicals and 14 inch Marcella Ellis Signature Yaki hair in the back..
It 's me below with a handmade wig I made 30 mins b4 going to work... See YouTube video..
My daughter and her friend.. Natural looking blow dried partial weaves...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy NEW Years 2012!! Looking back picture Haul

As we look at new beginnings and we say goodbye to another year, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers, clients, friends, family and my team, for being supportive of Marcella Ellis Companies. This NEW Year will be exciting. We will be bringing you new programs, classes, products, new opportunities, new fashion and styles.
For this month’s blog, I want to share with you a GALLERY of pictures from last year, a quick look back on all of the fun we had with our clients, our staff, our many different shows; photo shoots, and endeavors. As we look forward to the future we must remember from where we came. I wish you all the very best this year. May you prosper and grow, live life to the fullest, and continue to be blessed!