Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wigs Gone BAD!

Hello all, I am writing today about wigs... I have noticed a lot of women wearing wigs lately and for the record most of them look just like wigs! Many of you notice women in your office, in your family, your friends or maybe even You wearing a wig that looks too wig like. If someone walks up to you and ask where did you get your wig its obvious it looks like one. There are many reasons why one would choose to wear a wig, bad hair days, transitioning to natural hair, minor to extreme hair loss, bad haircut, color or chemical damage, or just because you want a change. No matter what your reasons for wearing a wig, it can be an easy fix to alter your look. One of the main reasons I am writing about this topic today is because wigs should look like your hair once you place it on your head, not like a mop, a helmet or just an artificial addition. The object is to fool someone with the look so that they will think it's your hair.

I have noticed this sudden surge of YouTube video bloggers giving advice on everything hair, wigs, weaves, make up etc... They are actually consulting the general public on what to buy and have you look just as silly as they look. Now, being a major YouTube fan I am puzzled on how so many subscribers take advice from secretaries, government workers, dept store clerks, Starbucks workers etc... on hair, wigs, weaves and makeup from these do it yourself bloggers. I know it is a recession and I understand people trying to find alternate ways to look good for less. However, I don't think it is wise to take advice from anyone on anything unless that is there line of work. For instance one of my girlfriends swore up and down I had a thyroid when I talked to her about some of my symptoms. "Girl you have a thyroid that's what I had, I got it removed, you need to do the same thing." she told me. Come to find out I had gestational diabetes while pregnant, thyroids was never an issue. Again, she is not a doctor and because her knowledge is strictly based on her own situation she can not give advice to everyone. Needless to say YouTube should not be your ultimate source for buying weaves, wigs, hair care etc...unless it is a person that is a licensed cosmetologist. I mean really, we had to pass the state board as well as go to school for at least 2 years to safely administer and give advice to the public.

Anyway, back to the topic, I was having a moment. LOL! Wigs can be cute when worn correctly, but first you must have them cut to frame your face. They must be de-bulked around the front of your face because most wigs tend to come heavy around the ears and temple area, which causes the wig to look fake. NOTE: You should never take the wig out of the bag, put it on and go. It is not ready to be worn like that! If the hair is straight you should comb the hair so that the strands are not still stuck together. Most of the time the wig is folded so it has a crease at the top crown part of the hair. The top part is a dead giveaway, when the wig sits up like a cone head. You should try brushing the top down, laying it flat and then spraying it with a stiff holding spray that does not contain too much oil. If you use a spray with too much oil then the hair will look shiny and stick together even more. Synthetic wigs don't last very long in fact only about 2 -3 weeks if you are wearing them daily. After synthetic hair goes bad it looks awful! If that synthetic hair is bushy on the ends "Sorry" its time to throw it away. You have gotten your moneys worth, unless you are going for the lady of the night, dirty streetwalker look. I have seen bad synthetic hair wigs and weaves, all around the DMV area and it is pretty scary. I suggest if you have the money to invest in a human hair wig, even if it is a little more expensive. At lease the human hair wigs will last a bit longer. You can shampoo and deep condition a human hair wig and keep it looking nice longer, but that also depends on how much you spent on the wig. There are good human hair wigs then there are superior human hair wigs. No matter what type of hair you choose it must be cut and styled to fit your facial structure. Can you do this at home? Maybe. I have revamped my YouTube channel "The Marcella Ellis Project," there I will be giving professional advice, doing tutorials, product reviews, quick and easy styles you can do from home, recession proof do it your self do's, and so much more... Nevertheless, I want you all to subscribe so that I can keep bringing you all the professional advice you need. Feel free to write and leave a comment so that I may give a video review of what you really want to know.

As always, Thanks again for reading my blog, These are just my thoughts! xoxox..:)M.E.


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