Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just got Back from MIAMI American Black Film Festival!!

Hello all,
I'm back from my work/ vacation week and I feel energized and ready to work again.. Miami was beautiful as usual, we sponsored the American Black Film Festival. Marcella Ellis Signature Products were given to all of the Celebrities and Prestige pass holders at the event. We were also there doing hair and makeup for our special VIP client. We got to hob knob and network with some of the stars and their PR people while we were there. First let me tell you about my hair and Lon's hair my marketing manager and how we wore it.. then I'll move on to my VIP client and post pics of me at work..

Both Lon and I wore Virgin Indian Wavy Hair 16"that can be flat ironed straight. I had to color my Indian hair to give it a darker more consistent appearance. I colored it off Black. Lon wore her Indian hair natural brown and also added some dark blonde highlights.

We both had braided sewn in weaves, her hair was braided with no hair left out and mine a small bit of hair left out in my parting area.

This hair actually worked out great because I wore it curled with long layers to the side during the day events. When I went swimming and got my hair full of beach sand the hair just turned into beautiful waves. Lon simply wore her hair wavy the entire time. I know we look like we are working hard.. LOL!

Oh, here I am doing hair & makeup for our VIP client Nicole Friday in her penthouse at the Ritz Carlton. She is the CEO's wife of the American Black Film Festival. She also has a celebrity cupcake business and is featured in this month's Essence magazine.

Overall we had a blast! I actually had a chance to relax and vacation a bit with my other half. So I am renewed and back to business as usual..

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Until next time!