Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Grandmother's Old Fashion Back Wood Remedies

During the Holidays, I always go through a moment of missing my family, old times and how we were raised. As I was thinking of my grandmother, I started to remember some of the remedies and anecdotes that she used to provide. Growing up with a grandmother that was raised in the back woods of Louisiana, most of her solutions to common problems were all natural. Not because it was the IT thing to do, like it seems today, but because that is the only resource they had. Growing up we made light of some of the concoctions thinking they were so primitive and silly. We only wanted store bought solutions to whatever we needed resolved. I mean all the hocus pocus, oil, vinegar, egg, salt, pepper; ketchup solutions were funny as heck to us.. LOL! Now as a woman I realize the natural remedies that our grandmothers' used were actually much better and better for us than anything we could possibly buy in the store. I am writing this blog to reveal some of my grandmother's remedies and how we utilize these ingredients on most of our handmade healthy hair cocktails mixed in our salon.
Baking SODA (natural cleanser, draws swelling and infection)- Back in the day my grandmother would use baking soda for many things. If we had a cavity or a toothache my grandmother would pack baking soda in the tooth to stop it from hurting. The baking soda would draw the infection and stop the swelling. She also used it when we had a boil with pus, making a paste with water and the baking soda, then packing the bump with the paste. The bump will eventually burst and the pus would drain and would not swell again. Of course baking soda was also used as a cleanser to brush our teeth and was also used as a clarifying cleansing shampoo.
If you have excessive dandruff or build up of product on your hair and scalp, take one tablespoon of baking soda to two parts shampoo. Lather the hair and scalp. Your hair and scalp will be amazingly clean. Only do this when needed not every time you shampoo. Follow up with a apple cider vinegar rinse..

Apple Cider Vinegar- was used for many things, colds, sinus infections, ACV thins mucus almost immediately. One of the first things you will notice after drinking apple cider vinegar is that the color of your mucus goes from white or green and thick, to thin and clear. Some of my Caribbean friends use apple cider vinegar to bathe, it is known to kill germs. For hair we use this acid rinse after the clarifying shampoo to restore pH balance of the hair making the hair smooth and shiny. remember to always use these products like ACV in its natural and organic form.

Vitamin E Pills- My grandmother kept plenty of vitamins in the house she was a firm believer of staying healthy. Visiting the doctor often was not an option simply because it was so expensive. Keeping in good health was a must. My grandmother's skin was beautiful and I would like to say Vitamin E played a major part. Not only did she take the pills internally but she also split the pills in half as a topical solution. She used them on her dry scalp and face as a natural lubricant. Vitamin E has a natural healing power for dry skin.

Eggs (protein used for strong hair) - Eggs are packed with protein, sulfur and biotin, all of which contribute to shiny, strong, healthy hair when eaten or applied as a hair mask. I can tell you story after story how I have used eggs to restore weak, chemically treated, damaged hair but that will take forever. What I will say is that using eggs as a treatment, and even a 911 treatment, has been my saving grace for many of my clients that have experimented on their own hair causing tremendous damage. I have also witnessed one of my clients in particular that went on a high protein, weight loss diet, eating 6- 7 eggs per day. Her hair went from being weak and average to extremely long and strong. After seeing her hair due to her high protein intake I was convinced that protein is a must in our diet as well as using it topically on the hair. Now all of my products are heavily infused with protein. We have testimony after testimony of clients that have taking their hair weaves out and their hair is 4 times thicker, stronger and longer then it was before our treatments.

Aloe Vera Plant- Now my grandmother kept an aloe Vera plant/cactus in the house it was used for many things. No matter what we did from cutting our selves, scraping our knees, blister, cold sores, acne you name it my grandmother went to the plant, cracked opened the cactus and put this slimy gel all over the problem. Miraculously it would heal in a matter of days..

Aloe Vera is known as a healing plant that is used in many ointments, creams, lotions and hair care products. It is also a wonderful skin moisturizer and softener. More importantly, it is a great “skin healer” that is extremely effective on minor burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bites or stings.
Use it for acne, to dry up pimples, for patches of eczema and especially, it's great to use on fever blisters or cold sores.
Be sure to keep an Aloe Vera plant around the house. It is easy to grow and does not require much water since it’s a cactus. Aloe Vera for the hair is used to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss and heal split ends.

Beer- I never knew why my grandmother would put beer in my hair but after researching I figured out why. There is a protein in beer that fills in many spaces that are lagging between damaged cuticles. Cuticle repair makes hair smoother and shinier.

Last but not least.....

MASHED Avocados -are one of the best home remedies for hair growth and make great hair conditioners. They’re packed with essential fats that are super moisturizing. This leaves your hair feeling softer and more elastic and makes it less prone to breakage.

As you can see many of these home remedies serves more than one purpose. My grandmother was very resourceful. As we enter this new era many people are becoming wiser on remedies that are natural and organic. Even if you didn't have a grandmother like mine there are many topics online that provide helpful natural solutions to any and everything. So before you go buy a bunch of overpriced hair products do your research, look in your kitchen, and get a natural healing made by your own hands.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wigs Gone BAD!

Hello all, I am writing today about wigs... I have noticed a lot of women wearing wigs lately and for the record most of them look just like wigs! Many of you notice women in your office, in your family, your friends or maybe even You wearing a wig that looks too wig like. If someone walks up to you and ask where did you get your wig its obvious it looks like one. There are many reasons why one would choose to wear a wig, bad hair days, transitioning to natural hair, minor to extreme hair loss, bad haircut, color or chemical damage, or just because you want a change. No matter what your reasons for wearing a wig, it can be an easy fix to alter your look. One of the main reasons I am writing about this topic today is because wigs should look like your hair once you place it on your head, not like a mop, a helmet or just an artificial addition. The object is to fool someone with the look so that they will think it's your hair.

I have noticed this sudden surge of YouTube video bloggers giving advice on everything hair, wigs, weaves, make up etc... They are actually consulting the general public on what to buy and have you look just as silly as they look. Now, being a major YouTube fan I am puzzled on how so many subscribers take advice from secretaries, government workers, dept store clerks, Starbucks workers etc... on hair, wigs, weaves and makeup from these do it yourself bloggers. I know it is a recession and I understand people trying to find alternate ways to look good for less. However, I don't think it is wise to take advice from anyone on anything unless that is there line of work. For instance one of my girlfriends swore up and down I had a thyroid when I talked to her about some of my symptoms. "Girl you have a thyroid that's what I had, I got it removed, you need to do the same thing." she told me. Come to find out I had gestational diabetes while pregnant, thyroids was never an issue. Again, she is not a doctor and because her knowledge is strictly based on her own situation she can not give advice to everyone. Needless to say YouTube should not be your ultimate source for buying weaves, wigs, hair care etc...unless it is a person that is a licensed cosmetologist. I mean really, we had to pass the state board as well as go to school for at least 2 years to safely administer and give advice to the public.

Anyway, back to the topic, I was having a moment. LOL! Wigs can be cute when worn correctly, but first you must have them cut to frame your face. They must be de-bulked around the front of your face because most wigs tend to come heavy around the ears and temple area, which causes the wig to look fake. NOTE: You should never take the wig out of the bag, put it on and go. It is not ready to be worn like that! If the hair is straight you should comb the hair so that the strands are not still stuck together. Most of the time the wig is folded so it has a crease at the top crown part of the hair. The top part is a dead giveaway, when the wig sits up like a cone head. You should try brushing the top down, laying it flat and then spraying it with a stiff holding spray that does not contain too much oil. If you use a spray with too much oil then the hair will look shiny and stick together even more. Synthetic wigs don't last very long in fact only about 2 -3 weeks if you are wearing them daily. After synthetic hair goes bad it looks awful! If that synthetic hair is bushy on the ends "Sorry" its time to throw it away. You have gotten your moneys worth, unless you are going for the lady of the night, dirty streetwalker look. I have seen bad synthetic hair wigs and weaves, all around the DMV area and it is pretty scary. I suggest if you have the money to invest in a human hair wig, even if it is a little more expensive. At lease the human hair wigs will last a bit longer. You can shampoo and deep condition a human hair wig and keep it looking nice longer, but that also depends on how much you spent on the wig. There are good human hair wigs then there are superior human hair wigs. No matter what type of hair you choose it must be cut and styled to fit your facial structure. Can you do this at home? Maybe. I have revamped my YouTube channel "The Marcella Ellis Project," there I will be giving professional advice, doing tutorials, product reviews, quick and easy styles you can do from home, recession proof do it your self do's, and so much more... Nevertheless, I want you all to subscribe so that I can keep bringing you all the professional advice you need. Feel free to write and leave a comment so that I may give a video review of what you really want to know.

As always, Thanks again for reading my blog, These are just my thoughts! xoxox..:)M.E.


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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ghetto Hair!!

I really don't want to offend anyone in this blog but I just had to write my thoughts. I mean who cares what I have to say anyway? lol! Whenever I'm out and about I am truly observant to the women in my surroundings. I look at their hair, makeup, clothes etc...I just can't help it, I'm a stylist. So what I've been noticing is a lot of bad weaves, runway avant-garde hair styles taken too far, ridiculous hair colors, hard frozen hair, and so much more. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate creativity, especially when you are doing fashion shows or photo shoots. But walking around in public going to work in these styles should just be forbidden. Shaving all of your hair off on one side and a whole head full of tracks on the other side is Ghetto, especially if you have two different textures going on. Track hair is silky and your hair is nappy, is a no-no.

Here is some advice try blending the cut with graduation from one side to the other creating some balance. This will make the cut look softer and look more like a professional did it instead of a home made style. Also buy hair that actually matches your texture, and relax your new growth so that your hair looks groomed..
The bad weave jobs are a dime a dozen. I see women wearing textures of hair that do not match their own, this is the first dead give away. I'm just saying.. Everyone wants beautiful Indian, Malaysian hair, but it is not a good idea if your hair is short and kinky. I mean who really wants a small nappy Afro on top and long flowing Indian hair on bottom. DON'T get me wrong there is nothing wrong with nappy, kinky, hair but the idea is too match your hair with the weave.

The next give away is unnatural colors and blends.. I think the whole color thing is cute (pinks, purples, etc..) if you are 16 and under. Natural colors like browns, blondes and even some forms of red, like cinnamon, or earthy colors are good, but you must also use these colors with caution. You should always try blending highlights and low lights when using light colors to make the weave look more realistic.

The cut is also very important. You should always put layers around the front of the hair, and soft layers throughout even when wearing the hair long. This helps the weave look more natural as opposed to wearing 18" of hair even all around. It looks very Elvira..ish

The Ghetto invisible part phenomena! I totally understand why someone would want this procedure done. It eliminates one trying to blend in there own hair with the weave. However, I have seen these parts looking absolutely horrible. Some of them with glue showing, tracks visible, and a part as big as a railroad track going right through the middle of their head. First of all, a part should be very thin, not 2 inches wide. So if you are doing an invisible part at home then you should try to lay the tracks close together only enough to see the line. Please try not to get glue everywhere so that it is visible to the public and also hide the tracks. If we can see your TRACKS that's not a good weave.

I know I write about things that no one wants to talk about but I have to keep it real. The bad weaves that look absolutely fake with the heavy eyelashes are making me ill. If your eyelashes look like you have caterpillars on the top of your eyelids 9 times out of 10 your eyelashes are too thick. Most of the nail salons are offering eyelash extensions and that's cool too, but they are applying them with too much glue and 2 packs of eyelashes on one eye. Ghetto! Sorry, they don't look good at all.

Believe it or not I'm really not trying to be funny, I'm writing this out of concern. Some people just don't know and you as their girlfriend do not want to tell them the truth, so I'll do it for! These are just my thoughts! Love you all and stay tuned for my next blog!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Trying new weaving and extension procedures can be good and bad. Let me tell you WHY!

Hello all Happy AUGUST! It is super hot outside and so many people just want simple and easy.
Trying new procedures can be a plus but sometimes they can also be bad on your hair. My advice to my clients and new clients is too analyze your lifestyle and situation before deciding to try new procedures on your hair. I have people that call me everyday wanting to try something new. My first questions is what do you hope to gain from trying this new procedure? Are you looking for invisible free flowing weaves or extensions that blend seamlessly with your hair? The answer is always yes, don't we all want this? With every procedure there are pros and cons, understanding what is most important to you will help you decide what procedure to choose. I am listing the differences in weaves and extensions and the benefits of having each procedure. I will also list the condition, length, texture, and density your hair should be to obtain these procedures, as well as the disadvantages.

The difference between a Weave and Extensions

Hair Weave is a process of which hair is attached to existing hair or scalp through braiding or another interweaving process. This process is normally done with hair wefts and or wig attachments.

Hair Extensions are hair additions that are individually added to the clients hair in small clusters. Hair extensions are also known as strand to strand procedures because of the individual attaching systems.

When weaving the hair the most commonly form of attachment is braiding all or some of the hair and then attaching wefts of hair to the clients braids. This is mostly called a sewn in weave. This same procedure can be taken one step further by sewing the net on top of the braids, then sewing the tracks to the net, this is called a NET weave.

A more advanced weave is sewing the track to the hair with out braiding, but instead leaving all of the clients hair free. This procedure can be done a number of ways. Some stylists use micro rings to anchor the weft, some use rubber bands, some just use more thread, called pole weaving, Malaysian method, etc.. in substitute for the braid.

So now you understand with a weave you can either have your hair all braided, partially braided, are all out. Terms that are used with weaves are free flowing, natural looking, no lumps no bumps, ultra flat weaves. These are all benefits of having a weave.

Some may think that a weave can be invisible or undetectable to the eye, NO a weave can not be invisible, when you open up the hair and look at the attachment you will see the weft and they way it is sewn with thread. If you are looking for undetectable or invisible to the naked eye keep reading below.

The benefits from having it braided is that you hair is at rest underneath the weave. You do not have to worry about damaging your hair with flat irons, color, or chemicals. We recommend using our soy protein shampoo and conditioner, as well as our own healthy hair cocktail to keep your hair infused with vitamins and protein while under the weave. We have seen tremendous results from numerous clients that have been on our healthy hair care regimen. We have testimonies of just how their hair has gone from shabby, dry, short and broken, to healthy, long, thick and strong.

The other option with weaving is leaving partial or all of the hair out. In this case one must consider how you are going to keep your hair blended with the weave. Now this could mean constant flat ironing, the use of chemicals etc... The dead give away for any weave or extensions, is when the two textures do not blend well. If your hair is thick, course or nappy and the weave hair is not then you are in weave violation.. LOL!

When looking at leaving your hair out consider do you sweat, do you swim, how often do you get caught in the rain, hot showers etc... Even a small amount of moisture can cause most black women's hair to swell and therefore creating a new texture that is not like the weave you are wearing.

This is the same for Extensions.
Extensions require no braids at all. In fact all of your hair is left out and we simply add hair additions throughout your own hair in small strand to strand clusters.

The method of attachment varies depending on your stylists. Fusions, are done with a hot keratin wax, micro linking is done with small rings, undetectable strand is done with a small interlock, these are all examples of extensions. The pros are that we can make the strands big, medium or invisible to the eye. This will allow a beautiful seamless attachment. The cons are they can be high maintenance. The smaller they are the more they tend to fall out fast, they are time consuming to have them put in which means it cost more to have them done, and IF not cared for on a high maintenance plan will cause your hair to break off. In other words you can't put these in and because you paid so much to have them done think they they will last longer than a weave or think that you don't have to do much to them.. WRONG! The cost of these procedures have nothing to do with the length of time they last or even the care you must provide. The costs comes from a professional working on your hair all day, at least 5 hours or more to attach and not being able to take any other client. Most people think when you pay so much for the procedure you want it to last a long time. I totally understand, however these procedures are not for those on a budget or seeking an economical benefit. They are tedious and require a steady hand. Think of it as caviar, only a small portion of it will cost you a pretty penny, but by no means are you full. These procedures can be put in so that they are invisible to the eye and cannot be detected, but they are HIGH MAINTENANCE!
In closing weaves and extensions are exciting because we can always alter your look for whatever reason you choose. The best candidate for a weave is anyone who has thinning, balding, hair loss, hair breakage, chemical damage or those who just want simple safe healthy additions. In contrast, to apply extensions we must use precautions on certain hair types and density. Extensions do not cover balding or thinning, and is not recommended for those who have such. It is best suited for one who has medium to normal hair with the length being at least 5-6 inches long or to your chin.

Always remember, no matter what procedure you choose you must take good care of the process as well as your own hair. Maintenance is a must!


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just got Back from MIAMI American Black Film Festival!!

Hello all,
I'm back from my work/ vacation week and I feel energized and ready to work again.. Miami was beautiful as usual, we sponsored the American Black Film Festival. Marcella Ellis Signature Products were given to all of the Celebrities and Prestige pass holders at the event. We were also there doing hair and makeup for our special VIP client. We got to hob knob and network with some of the stars and their PR people while we were there. First let me tell you about my hair and Lon's hair my marketing manager and how we wore it.. then I'll move on to my VIP client and post pics of me at work..

Both Lon and I wore Virgin Indian Wavy Hair 16"that can be flat ironed straight. I had to color my Indian hair to give it a darker more consistent appearance. I colored it off Black. Lon wore her Indian hair natural brown and also added some dark blonde highlights.

We both had braided sewn in weaves, her hair was braided with no hair left out and mine a small bit of hair left out in my parting area.

This hair actually worked out great because I wore it curled with long layers to the side during the day events. When I went swimming and got my hair full of beach sand the hair just turned into beautiful waves. Lon simply wore her hair wavy the entire time. I know we look like we are working hard.. LOL!

Oh, here I am doing hair & makeup for our VIP client Nicole Friday in her penthouse at the Ritz Carlton. She is the CEO's wife of the American Black Film Festival. She also has a celebrity cupcake business and is featured in this month's Essence magazine.

Overall we had a blast! I actually had a chance to relax and vacation a bit with my other half. So I am renewed and back to business as usual..

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick UPDATE! What's New and Exciting!

We have been blessed to gain so many new and exciting clients from all over the world. We are excited to now offer our prestige packages for both our national and international clients. Our team of talented stylists will be servicing our daily clients that are also celebrities to us here in our Greenbelt, MD location! We are looking to open a new location in the Fairfax, VA area and will keep you posted as information is available. As for me, I will be reserving packages for our prestige clients and will be sending invitations to those that are accepted. There is a new and exciting website for this Opulent Society that is password protected..... Mobile Concierge service is available for our Opulent Society Club by invitation only.

The new website is titled couture which is a link from

For all of our daily clients that frequent our Greenbelt, MD location we are excited to offer you new techniques and services. We now offer The Keratin Straightener Conditioning Process. We also have in stock new Beautiful Shipments of Remy hair both Indian and now Natural Relaxed Textures. We have thoroughly tested and approved all packs of hair to ensure you get the best quality on the market. As you all know we sell out fast so call now to reserve or purchase your hair... 301.474.0767

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's In /What's OUT! 2011

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with all things beauty, hair, haute luxury and fashion. I look at styles what's in right now and try to come up with hairstyles that compliment what's HOT! This whole shabby chic, flower child, hippy look is in right now.... So I thought to myself hmmm.. Let me whip out the old crimping iron, dust it off and create an old but new look. I crimped my hair with my waffle crimp iron and made big waves in it to compliment my Indian print fitted dress that I wore to my fight party this weekend.. (Pacquiao vs Mosley).. I must say it was so CUTE! Too bad I don't have pictures cause our camera lady, which is our salons marketing manager was Tipsy! LOL.. anyway the pics she took of me made me look so fat! She was holding the camera wrong, you know! hee hee.. SO now this week at the salon I plain on crimping EVERY BODY'S HAIR!! LOL!
The MOW HAWK is out of style already... ENUFF!! Let it go!

A new Spin on the mow hawk is the heavy asymmetric! Long flowing hair either pinned to the side OR like Jill Scott is wearing on the front cover this month of EBONY.. a nice cut..

Also try braiding one side of your hair in a big braid pinning it to one side, with heavy long flowing loose curls or waves.. SO HAUTE!

SO Big Waves this months! If you already have a straight weave try crimping or twisting it with mousse, let it dry, and pull it loose... Wavy INDIAN Human HAIR is also thumbs up! I love, love the string head bands.. it also works for keeping hair in place.. LOl!!

Our new S-Reflector is amazing.. Perfect for shine without looking greasy and it's also a heat protector while curling and flat ironing hair..

We also have our new shipment of hair that just arrived FRIDAY! I'm so excited! The Ultra Natural Relaxed Texture is in stock! You have got to try it! Blends Perfectly with our hair... We have Indian Remy Wavy and Straight in stock as well... Call us to place your order NOW! 301.474.0767 visit our site

Stylist Tomela Wright/ Marcella Ellis Hair Studios wearing some of our Indian Remy Curly HAIR! I had to post this, she looks so cute!

I have so many new blogs already prepared to be published.. wait til you hear what I have to say next... Until then.. tootles!! kiss, kiss :)M.E.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello All,

I am blogging about hair today.. As some of you know, my staff and I have recently been testing different types of hair to give you a more educated input on what not to buy... We have also been testing some of our own imports so that we may give you the best product on the market hands down...

Here are the results from all of my different hair dos this month..
Okay Bobbi Boss Indie Remi is good only if you are having a shorter cut. Lately Bobbi Boss Indie Remi has had too many reports from my clients as tangling and shedding.. The Yaki Straight and all of the Wavy Hair I'm rating: ... THUMBS DOWN..

This bob is actually Bobbi Boss Indie Remi which actually came out kinda cute.However Bobbi Boss is actually Chinese hair that is processed to make one believe that it is Indian Hair.. The hair is of a courser grade than real Indian hair.. I like the hair in a bob because it didn't tangle at all. However the bangs became increasingly greasy as days went by because of my oily skin.. You must shampoo Bobbi Boss at least every 7-10 days because it will hold oil and give that greasy sticky look ... uggggh!

Janet Collection Indian Remy Water.,,,

Okay I love the look when its wet... However it soon tangles, dries out and just look plain old bad after 2 weeks. All the Straight to Wavy Hair I always question.. Especially if it is not virgin hair.. When the hair is processed to go from wavy to straight it never really flat irons straight, and eventually the wavy looks awful... I don't recommend purchasing wavy to straight hair unless you are buying Virgin Indian Hair.. No chemicals, just raw temple hair..

Here is my current disaster,

Sensationnel New Remi Yaki Hair.. I bought this hair about 5 days ago and it is shedding and tangling like crazy.. All over the bathroom, the bed, the car, my clothes, my boyfriend even said it was wrapped around his toothbrush.. How embarrassing is that! This hair is the GOD AWFULLEST!! I'M Taking it out on Tuesday..

We have been testing our own imported hair on some of our clients, our staff and family members.. I won't lie we have been getting garbage, but here are two that I really like. My daughter has what I am naming the The Ultra Natural Relaxed Texture and The Yaki Relax ...we will be selling soon.. I put this weave in her hair about 4 weeks ago and have washed it at least 3 times. She has two different types of hair. In the back where the hair normally tends to tangle because of sleeping on pillows, collars, sweat, etc... I put the Ultra Relaxed Texture in the back because it is much softer.. This hair blends perfectly with African American Hair and remains super soft and tangle free even with a teenager doing GOD knows what to her hair...The hair on top is the Yaki Relax.. I put this texture on top because it seems to have more body and movement.. It is a a wee bit courser than the hair in the back which is perfect because I can blend and cut more layers for a more natural look. It does not tangle or mat either.. STAY TUNED we will have it in a few weeks...

As for now I'm still in love with the Outre Natural Remy Yaki gray package only... NO real problems reported thus far!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why don't I have my Clients pics and info on this site!

Someone brought this to my attention this is what they said. "I know it's your healthy hair care journal but why don't you have pictures of your clients, you're a stylist?" Now that is a good question! When I first started this journal I wanted to speak on some of my clients issues

there struggles and how I rectified the problems. But since then I've had a change of HEART! Somehow this journal became a journal about me and my struggles and how I have rectified my own issues with only a mild mention of a few of my clients. The reason being is I talk in depth to my clients about their lives and situations and I feel I have a sense of loyalty to them not to expose their business on my website. Since so many of my clients read my blog I feel that I will betray their trust by exposing their situations for others to read. Now if I were the messy stylist that didn't mind gossiping and keeping trouble started I guess this would be a really entertaining site. (We will leave that for the $50 weave shops.) LOL! But since I value all of my clients, I dare not to repeat anything I have seen or heard through a confidential conversation or appointment. If you didn't know we have a very private salon location. We never take walk ins and we only work on scheduled appointments. Our doors are always locked and if you are not a client of ours you can not come in. Exclusivity is how we built this business. The women that come to our salon are professional and enjoy their privacy. We have private rooms so that the clients feel comfortable. Our salon is located in an office park where you must know exactly where you are going to find us. Sounds like FORT KNOX instead of a salon right! You Betcha! Don't get me wrong you will feel very welcomed and at home more like a good friend invited you.

Okay .. So the question is why dont you talk about your clients...
SO here is what I am going to do, either I am going to change the subtitle of this blog or I'm going to ask a few of my clients would they mind me talking about there lives, their situations and how it has affected their hair. Oh and also allow me to post their pics! Any volunteers? Hmmmm...Stay tuned!

Monday, March 7, 2011


OMG! I said I love this Natural Yaki Remy hair made by Outre but I can not vouch for Outre the brand. So many of you have emailed me with response to my last email, it is so nice to know you all are listening. I have even had some of my clients come in to the salon with Outre hair after I made that post. However, I can only vouch for the Outre Natural Remy Yaki Hair not there whole entire line of hair. The packaging is Gray with purple writing. This is so important because Outre has many grades of Yaki hair that is garbage. This is there newest line of Hair that is so close to black hair it is remarkable. I love it so much I am producing my own line similar to it... SO stay tuned!

Nevertheless, I have changed my hair style again! Okay.. lol.. Keep up already!
I have sewn in a full net weave with none of my hair out a few days ago, simply because leaving my hair out the whole winter has taken a toll. My hair and skin I notice is extremely dry. I noticed some breakage, so I didn't have a choice, I had to braid it all up again. Normally, my advice to all wearing weaves is to try to wear your own hair in the summer when there is more moisture in the air. I am a little backwards because I got tired of wearing full closed in weaves and took my hair out in the winter. My hair texture is already dry, and the bitter cold did more damage than good. Back to the drawing board... Thank God I caught it before it got too bad. In the winter you must continue to add moisture to your hair either through deep conditioning treatments or through daily moisturizers..

I decided to put Remy Virgin Indian Hair in with my full sewn in weave. We just got a new shipment of some of the most amazing hair I've ever seen! It is just simply beautiful. Since none of my hair is out, its all braided down and well protected under this net weave, The Indian Hair is all that you see. I love It! Free flowing easy to manage, and it has a dull matt finish like our hair.. not the silky shiny look. I also use our new S-Reflector flat Iron protector to curl my hair, it gives the hair a beautiful shine without making the hair look greasy. It is simply beautiful...and oh yeah my friend loves it! Ill put more pics up of my new hair in a few days... Stay Tuned!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Morning ALL!!

I woke up this morning with blogging on my mind.. So here is what I have to say. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day! Now I got that out of the way.. LOL!

I know I promised to reveal my hair growth on my bday but as you know this whole weaving thing is very addictive. I took my weave out and felt completely naked. Although my hair is a nice length there is nothing like having my long flowing weave in my head.. I took some pictures but since I am dating someone new and fearful that he will see this blog I will post better looking shots in a few weeks. lol..

I have fell in love with Outre Natural Yaki Remy hair because the texture matches my hair exactly. I have all of my hair out now with only 4 rows of the flat method in my head. It blends so well together my new friend does'nt even know it's not mine.. Besides the fact that its 14 inches down my back.. I mean you know black women have long hair too.. LOL!

The truth is I really dont have to flat iron my hair to death to get it to match this texture. I usually shampoo it with our Soy Protein Shampoo and Conditioner.. Then I flat iron it light so that the texture still remains.
I put olive oil moisturizing hair lotion on my edges to smooth them down and VOILA!!

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Until next time! Be Blessed..