Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello out there! Im back to blogging....

June 2010

I have been gone for a while so much has gone on this year. I took a long blog break. I can't believe this year is almost over when I just took my new years vows to blog once a month. LOL! I have'nt even come close to fulfilling that vow or any of my New year's resolutions for that matter. I know ...this upcoming New Year I won't proclaim any New Years Resolutions and I will probably do alot better.

Any way. I' ll start from my last blog. In June Marcella Ellis Signature Products was a sponsor in the black film festival in Miami. I got a chance to hob knob with so many celebrities in the VIP parties and events. It's funny the only person I really remember was Idris Elba! I partied with him all night at the BET opening night it was love at first sight... my future husband.. Only he does'nt know it yet. LOL!

This is what you look like when you have one, two many drinks.. Try to look sober! Ha!

Any way I had a sewn in weave with loose wavy Indian hair. Underneath my hair is growing and getting much stronger. My reveal date will be December the 9th, My 39th birthday!

Fast forward>>>>>>>

July, August, September 2010

For these few months we have been very busy servicing our clients, training students and shipping products. Our clients have been extremely pleased with our Healthy Hair Care System. We have been focusing on less chemicals and more vitamins and protein. The results have been phenomenal. I recommend for those of you who can not visit our salon to purchase our soy protein shampoo and soy protein conditioner. You may call in and place your order. Our signature line of Virgin Remy Indian Hair is a "HIT" as well. We sell out of hair every week! Call in fast to place your order. We have Wavy, Curly and Straight......