Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All things change!

I think I write the best when I am p. m.

When I first decided to blog I thought I would write about the many stories of my clients. The women that I service on a daily basis, their many different walks of life, their issues concerning health, relationships, careers and personalities. How all of these factors affect their health and ultimately their hair. However as I started to write I realized that at different intervals of my life, I am every woman. As I listen to their stories I realize that I have had very similar issues at one stage or another in my own life. As I look in the mirror getting dressed for work I realized that I am getting older by the day. The many trials and tribulations that I have overcome and even some of them that I continue to endure have left scars of aging all over my body. From the stretch marks and scarring from my daughters birth, to the acne scarring from puberty and even adult acne, to the stress of bad relationships, bills and poor diet. These factors and many others have taken a toll on my body. I use to lie about my age. My daughter was confused for a long time. She couldn't figure out why every year mommy was still 25. But now as I embark on my 38th birthday next month I have come to the conclusion that all things change. I am no longer ashamed to tell my age. As I look in the mirror I notice when I hold my head slightly down I have this double chin action going on. If I turn slightly left I notice I am loosing my ongoing fight to disguise my gray hairline. My girlfriend and I had the nerve to go to a young club last week. I felt like the old lady in the club trying to bring back the good old days. Oh well.. I can say this one thing I am blessed and truly grateful to be alive. I say to all you young women keep living you will get old one day.

Now how do these factors relate to hair. When your body changes so does your hair. The average rate of hair growth is 1/4 inch per month. Depending on genetics and texture some a little more some a little less. Hair grows at a rapid pace from the ages 12 -25 and decreases in rate the older you are.
So many women come into the salon and say my hair use to be down my back, long and thick but now I can't seem to get it back. I know the feeling, my hair seems to grow a lot slower as well. What I have noticed... is that the gray hair grows at a rapid pace! I use to pluck one and see five more in a matter of weeks.

So you have learned in this blog the average rate of growth, and all things change in time. LOL! As if you didn't know... Until next time..