Thursday, January 25, 2018

I have not blogged since 2014!

Wow, looking back on these old post and pictures I feel like it is a flash back of the past. My it is funny how things change so quickly. I just want to update you all on a few things on this blog.
2018 is an exciting year for my company, we have launched a mobile service app in MD, DC, VA and Houston, TX and we are expanding more every month. Visit our site
We are also looking for more mobile professional stylists. Find out more at

Quick update on The Mane Vendor - We currently have hair extension vending machines in 10 different states. Find out more information here

Of course we keep a ton of things going on, but those two companies to me are the most exciting projects we are working on this year. Follow us on social media to keep up to date, and we hope to service you this year.

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