Monday, August 27, 2012

Best and Worse Hair to Buy?? Curly Hair Review

Hello again, I am writing this blog tonight as I lay here in my bed with my side eye watching HGTV. I think it is important that I remain on this never ending topic of the best and worse hair on the market. Most consumers are desperately seeking information on what hair to purchase to give them the best results and the most natural seem less look. So tonight I must tackle this topic again to shed some light on the best and worse CURLY hair on the market today. The hair game right now as of today August 21, 2012 is super tricky. I thought I would add the date because every day the market is changing, and mostly for the bad. As I blog on good hair even my good hair recommendations will could change within the next month or so do to customers receiving bad batches. I choose these good hair companies because of not only the hair but customer service as well. If the customer receives a bad batch they will replace it for a good pack of hair, immediately even if the hair was used. When purchasing hair, Customer service is just as important as the quality of hair. After all who really wants to pay high dollar for garbage and then be stuck with it for 3 months. So here are my good hair recommendations for curly hair based on my experience using these products only. Curly hair is identified by a tight spiral curl like the picture below.

                                                                                                     Stylist- Tomela Wright
1."PRODUCTS"- Yes we have hair --- I have been testing hair for the last several months trying to supply only the very best Brazilian hair on the planet. I have found just that. We will have our new site up and running Sept 10, 2012 where you can purchase Raw Virgin Brazilian hair in Straight, Wavy and Curly... This hair will not tangle, shed and it is reasonably priced. This hair will last up to 1 year. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE IT!

2. The Indian Hair Curly--- if you are looking for hair that will last, that will not shed and have a tight coil effect try this companies Indian Hair Curly. I simply love it.

3. Zig Natural Curly hair has received rave reviews. I have used extensions plus for quite awhile and they seem to always remain pretty consistent.

Store Bought Hair

If you seeking a more affordable option here are a few I recommend. Although beauty supply store will never last a year, like the companies above there are still a few decent finds for temporary styles.

Sensationnel Goddess Remi Loose Deep
Indi Remi Soul Wave

Stay away form Milky Way, Outre, First Remi, Bohyme..
To me these are not good choices for curly hair. They are over processed, they shed, they are hard, and they tangle uncontrollably.

You must remember store bought hair is manufactured the curls are manufactured and they sometimes look to uniform and fake. I recommend combing them out or running you fingers through the hair to break up the monotony.  Never let the curl settle in a uniform position it will make the overall look appear fake and cheap. Real human hair is imperfect.

That's all folks stay tuned for my next blog on The best and Worse hair to buy, Straight Review!


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ellejayeats said...

good blog post. I am also a hair extensions/natural hair enthusiast and weaver. I wanted to add to your list of reputable vendors ... now I know in the past their customer service was sketchy but now I believe they have changed management. They have super believable textures and when I say no shedding, I literally didnt have any shedding on my last 4 batches of salon relaxed and thermal straight I purchased from them. I also enjoy out of philly and I have also been eyeballing To me wagmanprimus has switched supplliers so many times so I don't know the quality as of late, but when I ordered from them the hair lasted 2 years. But like you said the hair game KEEPS changing and for the worst.
But as far as indique hair, I have only spoken with their staff and touched the hair. Their boutiques are cute and simple, the staff friendly and the hair does feel great. I havent ordered though because I always come back to, but I'm thinking of trying out the relaxed texture. I feel like they are becoming the extensionsplus of the east coast since so many celebs are rocking their hair now.
Anyway, good blog post I'll be checking back to see what else you write. Also FYI, I checked out your webpage, there is a typo on the page for the ultra remy yaki, it says "bleding" and I think you meant "blending."

ellejayeats said...
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