Monday, May 21, 2012

Salon Shop Talk/ Celebrity Hair Haul!!! REVIEW

Hello all! I know I have been incognito for the last 2 months, please forgive me, I have been under a lot of pressure with the new hair school, the salon move, being a mommy, being in a relationship and so on and so on... Anyhoo, I don't want to drain you, so I'll get right to the blog..
We constantly talk in the salon about what's hot and what's not in the media, so I thought I would share the most recent conversations from this month. In the salon most of us are are all some house wive, basketball wive, facebook, twitter filled junkies, but above all it's just good shop talk..
What I would like to share is some of the beautiful and not so beautiful weaves we all seem to agree with in the salon this month... So here is a hair haul of some of our favorite weaves and some that are just plain old busted..
We are gonna talk about the weave no-no's, what not to do with your hair. At the top of this post I thought  I would share with you all what makes a bad weave. Starting from the top left Kendra from Basketball Wives, Serena and Venus' weave all give an appearance of too much hair around the face. Natural hair grows thinner around the face and hairline and heavier towards the middle and back of the head. The way that their weave is sewn-in, it is too heavy around the face, giving it a more manly, hard appearance. If your stylist is not skilled, and she does not understand weight distribution, it will make your weave appear fake and heavy.
The top left of this post is Tiny from TI & TINY and Jackie from the Basketball Wives LA. Their weaves are not blended properly. This is also a common mistake putting in too little hair. Most clients come in the salon and suggest to the stylist they want a lot of their hair left out to hide the tracks. It is a common mistake to do just as the client request, but as a result you have improper blending. As you can see with Tiny and Jackie's hair they have very short thin bangs and the rest of the hair is at least 14 inches long. When done correctly, the two lengths should be graduated to blend in, the weight must be evenly distributed. So if the bangs are short and thin, you will need to add more hair to the bang so that the weight is a little thicker to blend in with the rest of the hair, then blend with layers until the natural hair flows with the weave.
 I am also disturbed by the choices of colors Tiny seems to wear. All one light color weaves are played out and extremely country. It also gives the appearance of a cheap weave. When choosing colors, I beg you to consider natural hair colors and never choose a light color, all one color. It should definitely have highlights or low lights. Bleach blonde one color is ugly, looks cheap, and unrealistic. I suggest this only if you are wearing a costume like Nikki Minaj.
At the bottom are my favorites, Krissy, Olivia, Sheree and Marlo all wear the best weaves that I have seen on TV. I love the way their weaves blend in with their own natural hair. The weight distribution is perfect, the styles and colors are classy and beautiful. These observations are common discussions in the shop, nevertheless they are good for learning what to do and what not to do.
Stay tuned for more good topics, I'm back to blogging.~***twirlsoutoftheroom***);ME

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