Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ghetto Hair!!

I really don't want to offend anyone in this blog but I just had to write my thoughts. I mean who cares what I have to say anyway? lol! Whenever I'm out and about I am truly observant to the women in my surroundings. I look at their hair, makeup, clothes etc...I just can't help it, I'm a stylist. So what I've been noticing is a lot of bad weaves, runway avant-garde hair styles taken too far, ridiculous hair colors, hard frozen hair, and so much more. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate creativity, especially when you are doing fashion shows or photo shoots. But walking around in public going to work in these styles should just be forbidden. Shaving all of your hair off on one side and a whole head full of tracks on the other side is Ghetto, especially if you have two different textures going on. Track hair is silky and your hair is nappy, is a no-no.

Here is some advice try blending the cut with graduation from one side to the other creating some balance. This will make the cut look softer and look more like a professional did it instead of a home made style. Also buy hair that actually matches your texture, and relax your new growth so that your hair looks groomed..
The bad weave jobs are a dime a dozen. I see women wearing textures of hair that do not match their own, this is the first dead give away. I'm just saying.. Everyone wants beautiful Indian, Malaysian hair, but it is not a good idea if your hair is short and kinky. I mean who really wants a small nappy Afro on top and long flowing Indian hair on bottom. DON'T get me wrong there is nothing wrong with nappy, kinky, hair but the idea is too match your hair with the weave.

The next give away is unnatural colors and blends.. I think the whole color thing is cute (pinks, purples, etc..) if you are 16 and under. Natural colors like browns, blondes and even some forms of red, like cinnamon, or earthy colors are good, but you must also use these colors with caution. You should always try blending highlights and low lights when using light colors to make the weave look more realistic.

The cut is also very important. You should always put layers around the front of the hair, and soft layers throughout even when wearing the hair long. This helps the weave look more natural as opposed to wearing 18" of hair even all around. It looks very Elvira..ish

The Ghetto invisible part phenomena! I totally understand why someone would want this procedure done. It eliminates one trying to blend in there own hair with the weave. However, I have seen these parts looking absolutely horrible. Some of them with glue showing, tracks visible, and a part as big as a railroad track going right through the middle of their head. First of all, a part should be very thin, not 2 inches wide. So if you are doing an invisible part at home then you should try to lay the tracks close together only enough to see the line. Please try not to get glue everywhere so that it is visible to the public and also hide the tracks. If we can see your TRACKS that's not a good weave.

I know I write about things that no one wants to talk about but I have to keep it real. The bad weaves that look absolutely fake with the heavy eyelashes are making me ill. If your eyelashes look like you have caterpillars on the top of your eyelids 9 times out of 10 your eyelashes are too thick. Most of the nail salons are offering eyelash extensions and that's cool too, but they are applying them with too much glue and 2 packs of eyelashes on one eye. Ghetto! Sorry, they don't look good at all.

Believe it or not I'm really not trying to be funny, I'm writing this out of concern. Some people just don't know and you as their girlfriend do not want to tell them the truth, so I'll do it for! These are just my thoughts! Love you all and stay tuned for my next blog!

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