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Trying new weaving and extension procedures can be good and bad. Let me tell you WHY!

Hello all Happy AUGUST! It is super hot outside and so many people just want simple and easy.
Trying new procedures can be a plus but sometimes they can also be bad on your hair. My advice to my clients and new clients is too analyze your lifestyle and situation before deciding to try new procedures on your hair. I have people that call me everyday wanting to try something new. My first questions is what do you hope to gain from trying this new procedure? Are you looking for invisible free flowing weaves or extensions that blend seamlessly with your hair? The answer is always yes, don't we all want this? With every procedure there are pros and cons, understanding what is most important to you will help you decide what procedure to choose. I am listing the differences in weaves and extensions and the benefits of having each procedure. I will also list the condition, length, texture, and density your hair should be to obtain these procedures, as well as the disadvantages.

The difference between a Weave and Extensions

Hair Weave is a process of which hair is attached to existing hair or scalp through braiding or another interweaving process. This process is normally done with hair wefts and or wig attachments.

Hair Extensions are hair additions that are individually added to the clients hair in small clusters. Hair extensions are also known as strand to strand procedures because of the individual attaching systems.

When weaving the hair the most commonly form of attachment is braiding all or some of the hair and then attaching wefts of hair to the clients braids. This is mostly called a sewn in weave. This same procedure can be taken one step further by sewing the net on top of the braids, then sewing the tracks to the net, this is called a NET weave.

A more advanced weave is sewing the track to the hair with out braiding, but instead leaving all of the clients hair free. This procedure can be done a number of ways. Some stylists use micro rings to anchor the weft, some use rubber bands, some just use more thread, called pole weaving, Malaysian method, etc.. in substitute for the braid.

So now you understand with a weave you can either have your hair all braided, partially braided, are all out. Terms that are used with weaves are free flowing, natural looking, no lumps no bumps, ultra flat weaves. These are all benefits of having a weave.

Some may think that a weave can be invisible or undetectable to the eye, NO a weave can not be invisible, when you open up the hair and look at the attachment you will see the weft and they way it is sewn with thread. If you are looking for undetectable or invisible to the naked eye keep reading below.

The benefits from having it braided is that you hair is at rest underneath the weave. You do not have to worry about damaging your hair with flat irons, color, or chemicals. We recommend using our soy protein shampoo and conditioner, as well as our own healthy hair cocktail to keep your hair infused with vitamins and protein while under the weave. We have seen tremendous results from numerous clients that have been on our healthy hair care regimen. We have testimonies of just how their hair has gone from shabby, dry, short and broken, to healthy, long, thick and strong.

The other option with weaving is leaving partial or all of the hair out. In this case one must consider how you are going to keep your hair blended with the weave. Now this could mean constant flat ironing, the use of chemicals etc... The dead give away for any weave or extensions, is when the two textures do not blend well. If your hair is thick, course or nappy and the weave hair is not then you are in weave violation.. LOL!

When looking at leaving your hair out consider do you sweat, do you swim, how often do you get caught in the rain, hot showers etc... Even a small amount of moisture can cause most black women's hair to swell and therefore creating a new texture that is not like the weave you are wearing.

This is the same for Extensions.
Extensions require no braids at all. In fact all of your hair is left out and we simply add hair additions throughout your own hair in small strand to strand clusters.

The method of attachment varies depending on your stylists. Fusions, are done with a hot keratin wax, micro linking is done with small rings, undetectable strand is done with a small interlock, these are all examples of extensions. The pros are that we can make the strands big, medium or invisible to the eye. This will allow a beautiful seamless attachment. The cons are they can be high maintenance. The smaller they are the more they tend to fall out fast, they are time consuming to have them put in which means it cost more to have them done, and IF not cared for on a high maintenance plan will cause your hair to break off. In other words you can't put these in and because you paid so much to have them done think they they will last longer than a weave or think that you don't have to do much to them.. WRONG! The cost of these procedures have nothing to do with the length of time they last or even the care you must provide. The costs comes from a professional working on your hair all day, at least 5 hours or more to attach and not being able to take any other client. Most people think when you pay so much for the procedure you want it to last a long time. I totally understand, however these procedures are not for those on a budget or seeking an economical benefit. They are tedious and require a steady hand. Think of it as caviar, only a small portion of it will cost you a pretty penny, but by no means are you full. These procedures can be put in so that they are invisible to the eye and cannot be detected, but they are HIGH MAINTENANCE!
In closing weaves and extensions are exciting because we can always alter your look for whatever reason you choose. The best candidate for a weave is anyone who has thinning, balding, hair loss, hair breakage, chemical damage or those who just want simple safe healthy additions. In contrast, to apply extensions we must use precautions on certain hair types and density. Extensions do not cover balding or thinning, and is not recommended for those who have such. It is best suited for one who has medium to normal hair with the length being at least 5-6 inches long or to your chin.

Always remember, no matter what procedure you choose you must take good care of the process as well as your own hair. Maintenance is a must!


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