Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's In /What's OUT! 2011

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with all things beauty, hair, haute luxury and fashion. I look at styles what's in right now and try to come up with hairstyles that compliment what's HOT! This whole shabby chic, flower child, hippy look is in right now.... So I thought to myself hmmm.. Let me whip out the old crimping iron, dust it off and create an old but new look. I crimped my hair with my waffle crimp iron and made big waves in it to compliment my Indian print fitted dress that I wore to my fight party this weekend.. (Pacquiao vs Mosley).. I must say it was so CUTE! Too bad I don't have pictures cause our camera lady, which is our salons marketing manager was Tipsy! LOL.. anyway the pics she took of me made me look so fat! She was holding the camera wrong, you know! hee hee.. SO now this week at the salon I plain on crimping EVERY BODY'S HAIR!! LOL!
The MOW HAWK is out of style already... ENUFF!! Let it go!

A new Spin on the mow hawk is the heavy asymmetric! Long flowing hair either pinned to the side OR like Jill Scott is wearing on the front cover this month of EBONY.. a nice cut..

Also try braiding one side of your hair in a big braid pinning it to one side, with heavy long flowing loose curls or waves.. SO HAUTE!

SO Big Waves this months! If you already have a straight weave try crimping or twisting it with mousse, let it dry, and pull it loose... Wavy INDIAN Human HAIR is also thumbs up! I love, love the string head bands.. it also works for keeping hair in place.. LOl!!

Our new S-Reflector is amazing.. Perfect for shine without looking greasy and it's also a heat protector while curling and flat ironing hair..

We also have our new shipment of hair that just arrived FRIDAY! I'm so excited! The Ultra Natural Relaxed Texture is in stock! You have got to try it! Blends Perfectly with our hair... We have Indian Remy Wavy and Straight in stock as well... Call us to place your order NOW! 301.474.0767 visit our site

Stylist Tomela Wright/ Marcella Ellis Hair Studios wearing some of our Indian Remy Curly HAIR! I had to post this, she looks so cute!

I have so many new blogs already prepared to be published.. wait til you hear what I have to say next... Until then.. tootles!! kiss, kiss :)M.E.

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