Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello All,

I am blogging about hair today.. As some of you know, my staff and I have recently been testing different types of hair to give you a more educated input on what not to buy... We have also been testing some of our own imports so that we may give you the best product on the market hands down...

Here are the results from all of my different hair dos this month..
Okay Bobbi Boss Indie Remi is good only if you are having a shorter cut. Lately Bobbi Boss Indie Remi has had too many reports from my clients as tangling and shedding.. The Yaki Straight and all of the Wavy Hair I'm rating: ... THUMBS DOWN..

This bob is actually Bobbi Boss Indie Remi which actually came out kinda cute.However Bobbi Boss is actually Chinese hair that is processed to make one believe that it is Indian Hair.. The hair is of a courser grade than real Indian hair.. I like the hair in a bob because it didn't tangle at all. However the bangs became increasingly greasy as days went by because of my oily skin.. You must shampoo Bobbi Boss at least every 7-10 days because it will hold oil and give that greasy sticky look ... uggggh!

Janet Collection Indian Remy Water.,,,

Okay I love the look when its wet... However it soon tangles, dries out and just look plain old bad after 2 weeks. All the Straight to Wavy Hair I always question.. Especially if it is not virgin hair.. When the hair is processed to go from wavy to straight it never really flat irons straight, and eventually the wavy looks awful... I don't recommend purchasing wavy to straight hair unless you are buying Virgin Indian Hair.. No chemicals, just raw temple hair..

Here is my current disaster,

Sensationnel New Remi Yaki Hair.. I bought this hair about 5 days ago and it is shedding and tangling like crazy.. All over the bathroom, the bed, the car, my clothes, my boyfriend even said it was wrapped around his toothbrush.. How embarrassing is that! This hair is the GOD AWFULLEST!! I'M Taking it out on Tuesday..

We have been testing our own imported hair on some of our clients, our staff and family members.. I won't lie we have been getting garbage, but here are two that I really like. My daughter has what I am naming the The Ultra Natural Relaxed Texture and The Yaki Relax ...we will be selling soon.. I put this weave in her hair about 4 weeks ago and have washed it at least 3 times. She has two different types of hair. In the back where the hair normally tends to tangle because of sleeping on pillows, collars, sweat, etc... I put the Ultra Relaxed Texture in the back because it is much softer.. This hair blends perfectly with African American Hair and remains super soft and tangle free even with a teenager doing GOD knows what to her hair...The hair on top is the Yaki Relax.. I put this texture on top because it seems to have more body and movement.. It is a a wee bit courser than the hair in the back which is perfect because I can blend and cut more layers for a more natural look. It does not tangle or mat either.. STAY TUNED we will have it in a few weeks...

As for now I'm still in love with the Outre Natural Remy Yaki gray package only... NO real problems reported thus far!