Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why don't I have my Clients pics and info on this site!

Someone brought this to my attention this is what they said. "I know it's your healthy hair care journal but why don't you have pictures of your clients, you're a stylist?" Now that is a good question! When I first started this journal I wanted to speak on some of my clients issues

there struggles and how I rectified the problems. But since then I've had a change of HEART! Somehow this journal became a journal about me and my struggles and how I have rectified my own issues with only a mild mention of a few of my clients. The reason being is I talk in depth to my clients about their lives and situations and I feel I have a sense of loyalty to them not to expose their business on my website. Since so many of my clients read my blog I feel that I will betray their trust by exposing their situations for others to read. Now if I were the messy stylist that didn't mind gossiping and keeping trouble started I guess this would be a really entertaining site. (We will leave that for the $50 weave shops.) LOL! But since I value all of my clients, I dare not to repeat anything I have seen or heard through a confidential conversation or appointment. If you didn't know we have a very private salon location. We never take walk ins and we only work on scheduled appointments. Our doors are always locked and if you are not a client of ours you can not come in. Exclusivity is how we built this business. The women that come to our salon are professional and enjoy their privacy. We have private rooms so that the clients feel comfortable. Our salon is located in an office park where you must know exactly where you are going to find us. Sounds like FORT KNOX instead of a salon right! You Betcha! Don't get me wrong you will feel very welcomed and at home more like a good friend invited you.

Okay .. So the question is why dont you talk about your clients...
SO here is what I am going to do, either I am going to change the subtitle of this blog or I'm going to ask a few of my clients would they mind me talking about there lives, their situations and how it has affected their hair. Oh and also allow me to post their pics! Any volunteers? Hmmmm...Stay tuned!

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