Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's JUNE already!

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I know don't tell me, I'm late with my blog AGAIN!!
Please Forgive ME....

First of all I want to say thank you to all of our clients for patronizing our business it has been extremely busy. Who KNEW????? May was a very busy month. We offer our apologies for any time inconvenience that may have occurred during this heavy influx of traffic. We look forward to providing you all with our award winning services and appreciate your business.

I just want to update you all on our Healthy Hair Progress. We have had continued success. A few of my clients that immediately come to mind have seen phenomenal results. One in particular is a doctor that has been a client of ours since 2008. Recently we removed her weave to give her a new one, and discovered a tremendous amount of growth. She has been on our Healthy Hair Care System for at least a year and a half and we have noticed the condition of her hair is in excellent shape. She has at least 3 inches of growth since we first started and her hair is thick and strong. We just discussed removing her weave for good the next go around. Congratulations Ms. J, you know who you are!
I have continued my research trying to get to the bottom of what is really going on with the health of our hair.
Here is what I have discovered. The MD, DC and VA water has a high level of water hardness which is calcium carbonate and magnesium. You may notice slight spotting on your dishes when using your dish washer or residue in your shower. It also tested high with unsafe levels of toxic by- products of the chemicals (chloramine)used to purify the Potomac river water at levels above annual federal health limits. Now what does this mean? Well because this is a hair care blog we'll stick to hair but just think of what this is doing to our bodies. We use the water to cook, brush our teeth, wash our bodies including hair, our clothes, dishes, pets etc..... "I think the water has something to do with so many unknown streams of cancer." Just my opinion. Water Hardness and Chloramine levels differ from city to city and state to state. Please do your research on your hometown. I have noticed so many women in this area experiencing balding and thinning at very young ages.
Here are the facts:

To combat these pollutants, chemicals and hard water minerals, we have devised a plan of action. I don't want to advise you women to practice this at home because each head of hair is very different and should be first analyzed by a professional.
Our Clarifying shampoo is an all natural mixture only done in our salon not available for sale but coming soon:
* Removes build up of minerals and oxidizers that can cause adverse affects on the hair
* Prevents dryness caused by calcium, magnesium and chlorine
* Restores shine, moisture and manageability to the hair
* Removes discoloration caused by iron and copper
* Unclog calcium from the hair follicle which can cause dry flaky, scalp tissue and coats the scalp causing the hair to never grow again
* Help prevent further build up of minerals and oxidizers
* Ensures the proper processing of colors, perms and relaxers

If you decide to clarify at home please do it no more than once maybe twice a month. Clarifying can also strip the hair of moisture so be sure to deep, deep condition.

I am really on a mission to promote healthy hair care so please continue to follow my blog as I reveal more healthy hair care information.......
Talk to you SOON!

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